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Reasons I hate Fireworks     07/04/2016
I'll be lightin off these suckers tonight...will I let my 15 year old tape together 100 sparklers an... More »
People at the Parade...     07/04/2016
@Andreweggplant: He's pretty awesome isnt he??? ... More »
Who is up already?     07/03/2016
Was out late last night with some friends of ours at their new house in the middle of nowhere shooti... More »
Requesting a Red Robin in the front of lingwood     07/02/2016
@radiogirl30: Said Noone in kingwood ever lol!!! :laugh:... More »
Requesting a Red Robin in the front of lingwood     07/02/2016
@podunk: The one in nagodoches is yummy!!... More »
Reliving my younger years.....     07/01/2016
We had a triple drive in in Ohio. I miss it!... More »
Frozen strawberries?     07/01/2016
Strawberry pretzel dessert!... More »
Good snow cone places?     07/01/2016
@pickles: Frosty frog is on 494 a little ways past kroger... More »
Lightening bugs - So sorry for multiple posts!!     07/01/2016
I've asked the same question before and no haven't seen one in the 5 years we've been we ... More »
One or two, but not all of them please     07/01/2016
@queenb ^^^... More »
A date with tagger ZED?     06/30/2016
@patriotsriot: OK you can't leave us hanging like that and not give any details! ... More »
Margaritas and time?     06/30/2016
Anytime is a good time for margaritas in my book!... More »
Lawn service     06/30/2016
@Shopdiva: What development are you located? My 2 older boys have been working hard this sum... More »
Here's a picture of my cat     06/30/2016
Here's all my babies together..for once.. [img] More »
Here's a picture of my cat     06/30/2016
@herron1345: Dude I didn't know you had cats!!!! ... More »
Here's a picture of my cat     06/30/2016
Kevin and his bow tie looking mighty handsome if I do say so myself! [img] More »
Struck a nerve     06/30/2016
@mm4731: Nice burn! [img] More »
DW is not to keen on taking the black lab home yet.     06/30/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: Awwwwwww what a sweet sweet face!!!... More »
Furniture & Decor     06/30/2016
Oh boy....... More »
pot smell in my back yard....     06/30/2016
@staylifted: Who doesnt?!?!?... More »

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