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Heads up on sonic northpark     10/09/2015
My friend had her credit card info stolen from the sonic on Northpark. If you used your card there k... More »
Hustle Town Festival - Sunday at Astros?     10/09/2015
I was about to say it was sold out for sunday. See you there @bearfin! ... More »
I am.....     10/08/2015
@radiogirl30: I should be there the weekend foo plays....but I won't be :cry: ... More »
Don't judge me     10/08/2015
Didn't expect anything less coming from you dude...... More »
Top Of The Mornin', Homies... ~ Happy Thursday ~     10/08/2015
@herron1345: Your up early ... More »
Youngstown,ohio news     10/07/2015
@herron1345: LMAO I laugh over this article at least 5 times a day [img]http://www.kingwoo... More »
Youngstown,ohio news     10/07/2015
Well here we go. This dude made the national news. And man is it the funniest thing I have ever hear... More »
SOOO what are YOU fixin for Supper tonight???     10/07/2015
@herron1345: Nah we never have games on Wednesdays. But the steak we had was ok and the butt... More »
Is this a ....     10/07/2015
God I hate snakes with a passion!!!!... More »
SOOO what are YOU fixin for Supper tonight???     10/07/2015
@herron1345: God that sounds so good right now ... More »
uh oh..looks like im going to the slammer for a while     10/07/2015
@PedroDePacas: If you can get these idiots on tape threatening you I'd send that shit straight... More »
SOOO what are YOU fixin for Supper tonight???     10/07/2015
Steak,butter noodles and corn on the Cob... More »
@RogueHippEE     10/07/2015
@SenseOfHumor: I can't seem to even get one dang credit anymore! ... More »
Halloween in Sand Creek     10/07/2015
@Bearfin: Aren't you in kings mill? Come over to my cul de sac! Usually all the neighbors ar... More »
Order and pay app at Starbucks     10/07/2015
@Stealth83: My gold card just got renewed this morning! Lol!... More »
Astros tickets     10/06/2015
@lola: I didn't think so. We got in on the lottery and we're able to purchase tickets before t... More »
Astros tickets     10/06/2015
@lola: Here you go. We paid around $50/ticket and we're up in the mezzanine [img]http://w... More »
Let's go stros!     10/06/2015
Ready for the heat again??     10/06/2015
@tloden: Noooooooo... More »
Time for a Costco run!     10/06/2015
@6YearTexan: I saw the sign with my own eyes dude...they have also made an official announce... More »


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