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Re: Anyone Grow Pineapple?     05/31/2016
I built a large compost bin, 5X8. I also have a 15hp Chipper. I dump all yard clippings and chipped ... More »
Re: Anyone Grow Pineapple?     05/31/2016
Don't think you need toothpick or a glass of water. My tops were laying in the compost bin on their ... More »
Anyone Grow Pineapple?     05/30/2016
Been throwing the tops in the compost bin but they will not die. I finally just decided to grow them... More »
Re: Yes Yes! OMG YES!     05/30/2016
D.A.R.E. Bears... More »
Re: Pics/Info From Lake Houston Marine Unit     05/29/2016
Where the water is being released from, how much flooding are they getting? That could answer a lot ... More »
Re: KWD is starting to flood     05/27/2016
No. I will not be the headliner for Dateline. TX town known as the liveable forest on a dark muggy e... More »
Re: @Boobear     05/27/2016
One of ours loves the rain. She will stay out there and get drenched. Another one, shakes like a Fre... More »
Re: @Boobear     05/27/2016
Can't save them all. Anymore brought into my home and I will be back on the market. ... More »
Hamblen Rd     05/27/2016
Drove over to check it out. By the Gator bar flooded. Assume it will get much worse now that they op... More »
Re: KWD is starting to flood     05/27/2016
On second thought no. Bad idea. Wine, mouth watering married Not ending up on Dateline. I'm... More »
Re: KWD is starting to flood     05/27/2016
If anyone needs wine PM me. Starting a new business after reading the comments on here. ... More »
Re: Trump Protesters     05/27/2016
Put your name in the hat legally for jury duty then comeback and protest. Give 11 million legal citi... More »
Re: It's Stll a HOT Real Estate Market     05/27/2016
See a lot of action in Forest Cove just jogging in the neighborhood. They don't stay on the market t... More »
Re: Hillary vs Randy Orton     05/26/2016
First crack starting to sprawl. Going to get much bigger. I have been waiting for this day since 199... More »
Hillary vs Randy Orton     05/26/2016 More »
Re: Road trip to California     05/26/2016
Made the trip a bunch of times. Make sure you have spare water, snacks. I would also consider bringi... More »
Hillary's New Server     05/26/2016
... More »
Re: Disclosure when buying a house     05/26/2016
Not worried about haunting but just having to think about it from time to time, not something I woul... More »
Re: American Sniper exaggerated     05/26/2016
Maybe force is the wrong word, more "encourage" them to do so for a lighter sentence or get it throw... More »
Re: American Sniper exaggerated     05/26/2016
@HollyHobby: Those would not be on his official record so that makes sense and it's not uncommon... More »

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