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Re: Make-Up, All Over Lotion and Hair - At Your Desk???     12/03/2013
Who the hell does that? Lmao It amazes me how some people who are adults don't get the most basic... More »
Re: "You're dressed like a hoe"     12/03/2013
@topcat: True dat but they are looking to be eye candy. I think it's pretty easy to be eye... More »
Re: The Cuteness     12/03/2013
@FoFa: Winner!!! Cutest thing ever... More »
Re: Siberian Newfie?     12/03/2013
A bear... More »
Re: Teacher or Homeschooler     12/02/2013
What kind of "tool"?? Some of those are tricky to work with. :laugh:... More »
Re: The Voice tonight     12/02/2013
I think Jacqui is hoping places! She's a doll with a crazy good voice.... More »
Re: cancer     12/02/2013
So sorry BooBear. That just sucks. Hang in there. :)... More »
Re: Houston Jetski Riders     12/02/2013
I wish I had a jetski!! Do you guys need wet suits in the winter? How cold does the water get he... More »
Re: Did you know     12/02/2013
What kind of "solutions" have you been drinking@FoFa??... More »
Re: "You're dressed like a hoe"     12/02/2013
Before this goes any further, let's make sure we clarify hoe dressing does have it's place, just not... More »
Re: Finally     12/01/2013
Hope you are feeling better soon. Life usually isn't a Rockwell plate scene. So don't feel bad, t... More »
Re: What's for dinner?     12/01/2013
@ctl74: You might be surprised. Usually it just means you have to add a few more things a... More »
Re: acapella christmas     12/01/2013
Kewl!... More »
Re: Best Christmas movies     12/01/2013
Oh and Polar Express, it's a wonderful life!... More »
Re: Best Christmas movies     12/01/2013
Jim Carrey as the grinch is off the hook!! For a cartoon come to life movie. ... More »
Re: What's for dinner?     12/01/2013
I don't like using canned creamy soups, I have a true mental block about it. But it sounds good if i... More »
Re: Chinese food     12/01/2013
I like Hunan Gardens but try other places occasionally and none have been as good. Jo Jo's in the fr... More »
Re: "You're dressed like a hoe"     12/01/2013
The girls were in the wrong if they indeed came to school looking like hookers, but that's on the pa... More »
Re: Paul Walker Dead?     12/01/2013
It's so sad it's almost disgusting. What a horrible way to die in the prime of life. And so unnecess... More »
Re: Pet Insurance     12/01/2013
No. I looked into it a few years back. Preexisting conditions and other things made it useless. Mayb... More »


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