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Re: TO HELL WITH THEM ALL!     12/13/2013
Omg! Coolest thing ever! What did he pour in there??... More »
Re: My Mental age is 46...not surprised.     12/13/2013
@Love2Run: No! Never do that! That's the key to living! Think like a kid but be wise like ... More »
Re: Gift Dilemma     12/13/2013
Be true to yourself. While it's nice what your MIL said about not leaving her out, the truth is you ... More »
Re: What are your ages?     12/13/2013
The test said I'm 33, I'll go with that tho I 'm wiser than a 33 yo punk. Lol... More »
Re: Festivals You Won't Believe     12/12/2013
Sounds hot... More »
Re: My Mental age is 46...not surprised.     12/12/2013
33. I think it was my answer to Brittney Spears being "so over" and my iPad being"cool". Lol... More »
Re: Christmas Reality Check     12/12/2013
lol sad but true.... More »
Re: BEWARE !!!!!.....drunk female co-workers.......     12/12/2013
Nothing worse that annoying drunks. How do they get away with that at work?? In Lots of places th... More »
Re: DO YOU EVER???     12/12/2013
I read the average person forgets 4/5 important things a day regardless of age.... More »
Re: My Mental age is 46...not surprised.     12/12/2013
I got two questions in and the dreaded red letters came up and said, "oops something went wrong, try... More »
Re: Chick-fil-A 12 days of Christmas     12/12/2013
@mm4731: Good! More for me!! Hahaaa Yay!... More »
Re: Obama taking "selfies" at funeral     12/12/2013
@Copernicus: I think God planned it that way!! The blessings are numerous! ;)... More »
Re: Engulfing Time     12/12/2013
Yummy, the consumption do a whole girl! Lmao... More »
Re: Obama taking "selfies" at funeral     12/12/2013
@mm4731: I'm Trying to figure out a classy way to do that. I mean it's really no good unle... More »
Re: Obama taking "selfies" at funeral     12/12/2013
The media is way too powerful. And we are way too gullible.... More »
Re: Pink is not the problem     12/12/2013
I think he's right. But the meanings/associations have already been placed on these things by societ... More »
Re: Extra-marital     12/11/2013
@486Justin: Those are backward cultures in backward places. Sprains a lot. I have n... More »
Re: Facial Hair     12/11/2013
@Retired_Engineer: I'm guessing it's a functionality issue.......(can we say that on her... More »
Re: Facial Hair     12/11/2013
Beards are dissed?? I guess those sexy hairy European women should be banned! But they like ... More »
Re: @mm4731 you're moving!     12/11/2013
@Retired_Engineer: Believe me, no you don't! Especially after about 40! :giggle:... More »


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