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Re: Best Christmas Memory?     12/14/2013
When I was like 6, I got this dumb purple purse I wanted. When I looked inside there was 60.00 in it... More »
Re: Chick-fil-A 12 days of Christmas     12/14/2013
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Houston locations are not participating in that. It's only a ... More »
Re: Someone bring me breakfast in bed     12/14/2013
It might be a while. :)... More »
Re: Best Boss Ever!     12/13/2013
@Drekonix: So, as a moderator you are getting paid and going to the office every day? C... More »
Christmas outfit     12/13/2013
Yay for dirty sheets!! :thumbsup:... More »
Joe Boxer Commercial     12/13/2013
@mm4731: Someone is not use to jingling! Jingle balls is festive. :giggle:... More »
One of those HOLY CRAP moments     12/13/2013
Cat nip. Lol... More »
Men     12/13/2013
I don't. I'm sweet and innocent! :wink:... More »
Re: Men     12/13/2013
@Copernicus: Omg, lmao! I meant skin, not S&M! Damn auto correct. That one should be on th... More »
Re: Men     12/13/2013
@Copernicus: Wow, you must have a bionic sense of smell! That stuff that gets on phon... More »
Re: Men     12/13/2013
@Copernicus: So it isnt really how it looks but the smell? I never thought of that!! Ho... More »
Re: Men     12/13/2013
@donnatella: You are probably right, it would explain it. I also think that a lot of them ... More »
Re: another "AGE" question,since someone brought it up....     12/13/2013
@BowtieGuy: Was she one of those hot mammas or something?? You know, maybe movie star good... More »
Re: another "AGE" question,since someone brought it up....     12/13/2013
@BowtieGuy: See, don't get that. Most men are very visual and so it baffles me that he could... More »
Men     12/13/2013
What's the real story on make up for women? I was reading where most say they like "natural" look... More »
Re: Parents and scary closets     12/13/2013
Kids shouldn't see horror movies when they're little anyway! Who doesn't know that?... More »
Re: another "AGE" question,since someone brought it up....     12/13/2013
10. Not an issue in any way. And no one was a kid when the relationship started. As long as bot... More »
Re: What are your ages?     12/13/2013
@mpjp0907: But not a punk!! :)... More »
Re: TO HELL WITH THEM ALL!     12/13/2013
@mm4731: Actually, quite a bit. :P... More »
Re: Joe Boxer Commercial     12/13/2013
I can't believe people complained about that! They were dressed except for legs showing. Think wh... More »


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