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Re: Poorly behaved kids at skeeters right now     12/07/2013
They better get a grip on it now or they'll have a 17 YO delinquent.... More »
Re: Whats for Dinner tomorrow?     12/07/2013
I'm on strike! I baked and cooked and did dishes 3 times today!... More »
Re: BOOBS!!!!     12/06/2013
Me either. All I have to do is look straight down. Lol... More »
Re: boots     12/06/2013
Riding boots are the most comfy. I like ones with a medium heel, still feminine but not too high so ... More »
Re: Best deal on new tires     12/06/2013
I used Discount Tire a lot and they have been good. I did happen to see that Firestone on North Park... More »
Re: This is really cute     12/06/2013
@FoFa: Thanks for the first heart warming thought of the day! Cutest thing ever! Corn dog... More »
Re: James Avery     12/05/2013
@mm4731: The depth of your kindness is astounding!... More »
Re: The Mrs. is Sick!     12/05/2013
Just keep things up to minimum and bring her a little food so she doesn't starve before she's able t... More »
Re: Rock Bands - how many have you seen?     12/05/2013
@mm4731: You were more comfortable with that than staying with Mommy and Daddy? I see y... More »
Re: Rock Bands - how many have you seen?     12/05/2013
@mm4731: That's a bit odd, you know that right??... More »
Re: 1st World     12/05/2013
@TheGuru: You might be onto something about a beer garden in Kingwood? All kin... More »
Re: Need medical insurance     12/05/2013
@topcat: Don't forget the supposed whole purpose behind this was AFFORDABLE! What a crock... More »
Re: At 2am this morning     12/05/2013
Put out a bowl of food scraps away from your door. :)... More »
Re: Need medical insurance     12/05/2013
Do you need lots of care/drugs for existing conditions? You have to take into consideration where yo... More »
Re: That awkward moment when...     12/05/2013
@thegoodwife: ... More »
Re: Easy To Impress Girls     12/05/2013
We like cute stuff and cute stuff men do. :)... More »
Re: Talk about a crush     12/05/2013
I thought it was going to me a great kiss or something. :(... More »
Re: Missing their owners     12/04/2013
The cat was merely thinking about whether that was really his person or a imposter!! He's just ca... More »
Re: Robin Thicke     12/04/2013
He's so mediocre IMO. Why do you think he puts topless women in his videos? Answer: because he kn... More »
Re: Best Trim Ever..     12/04/2013
@BowtieGuy: Knowing the guys on here, I'm pretty sure the definition in Urban Dictionary... More »


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