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Re: Bunny Tongue     12/21/2013
When I die, I hope heaven is full of animals and animal pics, absolute unadulterated JOY. Some of t... More »
Re: honesty...     12/21/2013
Lying most often is the easy way out of something. That's different than deception with focus.... More »
Re: Bunny Tongue     12/21/2013
Omg that's cute.... More »
Re: honesty...     12/21/2013
It all depends on lots of things. I'm about the most understanding type personality there is, I'm... More »
Re: Praying it's not MS for my daughter     12/20/2013
 I will keep her in my prayers. I have a niece with it. 10 is really young!... More »
Re: Life is full of choice     12/19/2013
@FoFa: Yep.... More »
Re: And over in the psycho ward     12/19/2013
Takes one to know one.... More »
Hey, drekonix....     12/18/2013
I saw this in a gaming site!! Is it you?? :giggle: "Drekonix Keyboard Turner Join DateMar 201... More »
Re: Check off gyno..need pcp     12/18/2013
@mm4731: You should have been a gyno then you could legitimize your passion.... More »
We Love Our Computers, But...     12/18/2013
Had a friend going thru this, so thought I'd post. Oh and watch for compulsive lying and deflecting.... More »
Re: Check off gyno..need pcp     12/18/2013
@mm4731: Absolutely no need to see mine, I'm Sure you have a few internet files full of n... More »
Re: Check off gyno..need pcp     12/18/2013
@mm4731: Spoken like an internet dude who knows a good vag when he sees one. :)... More »
Re: Historically, in your opinion.     12/17/2013
@Haybugg: But men can't so no surprise.... More »
Re: Don't stare ....     12/16/2013
It would REALLY be scary if all you men were the same person........ ... More »
Bacon Candy     12/16/2013
Is there any fine Scotch in that by any chance??... More »
Your Christmas Gift to Yourself     12/16/2013
Taking my blinders off! Sweet freedom. And it's friggin free.... More »
Re:     12/16/2013
Confucius says; when keeping 3 or more balls in the air, you might get hit I the head.... More »
Re:     12/16/2013
Confucius say: nice, gullible girl likely to get teeth kicked in.... More »
Re: Darn Cats (humor)     12/16/2013
No you won't. :)... More »
Re: Question for the ladies...     12/16/2013
@shodan66: Well, THAT was a life changing read. It appears I know someone on there. ... More »


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