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Re: I miss the old flicker from film     01/03/2014
@Retired_Engineer: Whut?? You noticed her arms and not that she's almost flat chested?? Yo... More »
Re: curves or bones     01/03/2014
I won't lie, I like myself slim. And its just a fact that we place way to much emphasis on looks in ... More »
Re: Exercise Equipment     01/03/2014
I wish that was a guy.. So much more to see. :giggle:... More »
Re: curves or bones     01/03/2014
I've been told that a flat stomach is very sexy especially if a little hipbone shows. With boobs. ... More »
Re: Mufassa - Rang in 2014 with us....     01/03/2014
That looks like one very content and loved dog. That's the pinnacle for a pet. God bless you guy... More »
Re: I'm a moron.     01/03/2014
I always feel guilty when I get a tip. I know I deserve it but sometimes when people are nice like t... More »
Re: Inspirational messages     01/03/2014
Truly good souls are hard to find.... More »
Re: SICK PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD....     01/03/2014
Lots of this comes from people who will not set up boundaries for their actions and lives. Someti... More »
Re: Make a bold prediction for 2014     01/03/2014
2014: will replace real relationships for cheap internet sex with strangers. ... More »
Re: What is this car?     01/03/2014
There I am YET again!! I'm getting use to being an exhibitionist. I see you guys like that. Stay... More »
Re: Flu-Prayers     01/02/2014
Well, that's scary. Some of he flus have been awful tho. I took a friend to the ER at KW. Hospital ... More »
Re: Co-Parenting. (Rant)     01/02/2014
@TexasBarbieDoll: The courts have not caught up with reality. Not all the best parents are... More »
Co-Parenting. (Rant)     01/02/2014
Yes, there are some fathers who don't pay and all but there are some amazing men who totally get scr... More »
Re: Marriage Isn't For You     01/02/2014
@KTownTexican: I don't think that's necessary either. If you find the right person, you w... More »
Re: For Guys Only     01/02/2014
Wow, that last one was a ho! I'd make him take me on a picnic on that thing!! Lmao... More »
Re: Marriage Isn't For You     01/02/2014
"marriage Isn't For You" Actually, it isn't for most people. ... More »
Re: How long would you be mad     01/02/2014
I couldn't be mad at someone for talking in their sleep. The core truth is he didn't mean it. If you... More »
Re: Marriage Isn't For You     01/02/2014
@ctl74: I think you missed the point. BOTH people should feel this Way to make it work... More »
Re: The Power of Marketing     01/02/2014
I'm the opposite. Those commercials have pretty much cinched that I'll never set foot in a Honda de... More »
Re: Ladies     01/01/2014
Love ROC for OTC stuff. Their retinol serum is really good!... More »


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