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Re: Kness have not recovered yet     12/28/2013
I thought I was watching myself. Better go close the blinds. I think she's doing it wrong.... More »
Re: Man or Woman     12/28/2013
Woman-they're mean like that. Adrenalin from hate is a powerful thang.... More »
Re: HA HA     12/28/2013
I think he wants a spankin... More »
Re: I dont understand,, this     12/28/2013
He may suffer from "affluenza" but the fix is a nice visit to jail for an expected lengthy term. ... More »
Re: 1,000,000 Americans losing it today     12/28/2013
Well they knew it was coming, time to move on to step 2.... More »
Re: The Opposite of a Dead Bedroom...     12/28/2013
It's like any other thing that has gotten out of balance in your life....drugs, alcohol, food, shopp... More »
Re: Crying Girls     12/27/2013
He doesn't have to "say" anything, she loves him and that's enough. Animals are good at just being t... More »
Re: why spend so much?     12/27/2013
The world is full of people who are different than you. You may be the smarter one on this issue bu... More »
Re: The Opposite of a Dead Bedroom...     12/26/2013
@mm4731: All things in moderation, right???? Oh yeah, that's the problem........ More »
Re: The Opposite of a Dead Bedroom...     12/26/2013
@Love2Run: Sorry to hear that, it's sad. Nowadays this condition is easy to hide due ... More »
Re: Nursing Homes     12/26/2013
@KTownTexican: That's not very nice. There's nothing funny about this subject,... More »
The Opposite of a Dead Bedroom...     12/26/2013
5 Signs of Sexual Addiction Sex is a healthy part of life — but for some people, it can become ... More »
Re: I knew I should have picked     12/24/2013
I hope he's not reading this forum. :( You have been married 22 years. It gets really hard... More »
Re: Brickhouse Bridal     12/21/2013
Gorgeous.... More »
Re: so many gf's......     12/21/2013
@BooBear: You'll do anything! :tongue:... More »
Re: Robert DeNiro Was Our Waiter     12/21/2013
@BooBear: Ok, I take that back!! Lmao. I am not one to diss the beef. And I like mine ... More »
Re: Robert DeNiro Was Our Waiter     12/21/2013
That's a great gift....being able to go somewhere you wouldn't normally go and just splurge. Have th... More »
Re: honesty...     12/21/2013
@TheTruthHurts: That was my whole have you ever lied and can you be trusted statement. Most of ... More »
Re: honesty...     12/21/2013
Most people have a different view of honesty for themselves, and a different one for everyone else. ... More »
Re: Just ordered my Christmas gift to myself     12/21/2013
A gift to myself.....that might be interesting!... More »


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