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Re: Ladies     01/01/2014
Love ROC for OTC stuff. Their retinol serum is really good!... More »
Re: Delivered!     01/01/2014
It's very cute but I love a black body stocking. :P... More »
Re: Best moments     01/01/2014
I learned to trust my instincts, and not my heart so much.... More »
Re: crossfit     01/01/2014
That's too much! I think it's great if you want to get fit but it's really not necessary to get in s... More »
Re: Welcome to the message boards m&mmom     01/01/2014
It's mm4731's mother realizing he needs an online chaperone. LOL... More »
Re: Have you ever been to.... (part 2)     01/01/2014
ND sucks. I'd rather go to Disneyland and play.... More »
Re: insomnia     01/01/2014
@KTownTexican: With real people or on the net?? Does it matter? LmaoInsomnia is a national... More »
Re: Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin     12/31/2013
I hate Griffin, Ellen Degeneres would be way better! That woman is so naturally funny. Griffin just ... More »
Re: Resolutions     12/31/2013
@Retired_Engineer: No! I'm advocate of nice boobs ( mine included) but my brain is more... More »
Re: 93.7 The Arrow     12/31/2013
Ugh, that sucks!... More »
Re: Resolutions     12/31/2013
@mm4731: That doesn't make it any less true!   :tongue:Your best new year resolution ... More »
Re: Resolutions     12/31/2013
To thine own self be true. You have to start somewhere. :)... More »
Re: Boob tube     12/30/2013
Shawshank redemption. Great movie!... More »
Re: ooohhhh I got in trouble,,,,     12/30/2013
I left a note in my kids room once when I finally cleaned it the way it should be. Knowing they'd be... More »
Re: bunny bath     12/30/2013
His mouth was moving!! He's alive!!!... More »
Re: Inspirational messages     12/29/2013
Live for yourself, everyone else you loved and cared for and wasted time, energy and breath on deser... More »
Re: right price     12/29/2013
Watch out what you buy on the internet. Lots of things appear one way and are quite another. Shop fo... More »
Re: Inspirational messages     12/29/2013
@Retired_Engineer: It also might scare away more normal people. :tongue:... More »
Re: a question     12/29/2013
Ms is not diagnosed by one definitive test, it's a panel of different ones that have to have certai... More »
Re: Kness have not recovered yet     12/28/2013
I thought I was watching myself. Better go close the blinds. I think she's doing it wrong.... More »


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