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Re: Question     01/22/2014
I sure as hell don't. I can see who it is through the glass. I use to feel HORRIBLE about just yelli... More »
Re: Happy Birthday To.....     01/22/2014
Wow, 64. His voice is just the damn bomb. He's had emotional problems in the past. I hope he's ... More »
Re: Tom Brady.....     01/22/2014
Lmao, "and we couldn't catch up" Yes, that WAS the problem!... More »
Re: Kingwood night life     01/22/2014
We have everything here everywhere else has. Just some of it is hidden on the down low because well,... More »
Re: books written by KDC members under fake names     01/20/2014
@ProblemAgain: Omg, lmao! If little Johnny was a girl, he'd already be use to that. :t... More »
Re: Wire hangers     01/20/2014
Why wire?? The thick round plastic ones are better!... More »
Re: Kids at Parks (rant)     01/20/2014
It's their parents fault. I don't always blame the parents either that age they should alre... More »
Re: Star Wars and dog lovers .... this is for you     01/20/2014
Lol! The poop was the best, hahaaa... More »
Re: massage therapists     01/19/2014
@Retired_Engineer: Actually I do not. I'm clever, there's a difference!! :)... More »
Re: massage therapists     01/19/2014
Are happy ending extra?? Lol... More »
Re: Wifey's gonna be working from home     01/19/2014
Is she doing sex chats now? That is an interesting job! You get to talk to lots of different peeps. ... More »
Re: Texas Roast Coffee     01/19/2014
Jet Fuel?? Friggin awesome name. I might have to try that because damn, it's just calling my name!!... More »
Re: im sitting outside     01/19/2014
It's a great hair day!! I'm purdy :giggle:... More »
Re: whats the most useless piece     01/19/2014
A cats penis has barbs on it. That's why cats mating sounds like an assault is taking place. Once th... More »
Re: Ugh, People.     01/18/2014
@brightlights: It was an important text, waaaay more important than being interrupte... More »
Re: Hide yo kids and hide yo wife!     01/18/2014
Funnel cakes!!!... More »
Ugh, People.     01/18/2014
So, you're in the middle of texting or talking to someone and another person walks up and starts a c... More »
Re: The Truth is.....     01/17/2014
You rang?? Lol... More »
Re: Can you say eviction?     01/17/2014
:cheerleader:... More »
Re: Secret Stripper Pole     01/17/2014
Omg, lmao! Did u see the chick on the box?? Yes, my friends, that's HOW the hell you sell a pole!... More »


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