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Re: Policeman directing traffic at Insperity at 5 pm     02/03/2014
Have you ever tried getting out of that location when there is a steady stream if traffic coming dow... More »
Re: Would you find this note at all threatening?     02/03/2014
That was down right neighborly of them, LOL. Sad that things have come to such over reactions t... More »
Re: Inspirational messages     02/03/2014
Go o the local elementary school yard at lunch time. Just sit and listen. Do you hear that? It's t... More »
Re: Two in a row     02/03/2014
Two in a row? Boobs... More »
Re: Parents of boys     02/03/2014
Two words: KNEE PADS... More »
Re: Do you worry?     02/03/2014
Just keep worrying til you don't care anymore. Lol :dance:... More »
Re: I'm a newbie     02/03/2014
Very cute name... More »
Re: Philip Seymour Hoffman dead after apparent drug overdose     02/03/2014
News just reported he was found with heroine stuff around him. What a tremendous waste of talent. ... More »
Re: Bruno Mars has the moves!     02/03/2014
He's so talented, it's amazing. Plays every dam instrument, awesome singer with great range, and any... More »
Re: Why women live longer than men     02/02/2014
Pay back for getting stuck having babies.... More »
Re: again     02/02/2014
I'm still waiting for my trophy that says I tried and should be recognized as valuable for such!... More »
Re: Have kids or else!     02/02/2014
I think I'll start a page for people who want to lend out their kids.....with a no return policy. He... More »
Re: Python pizza     02/02/2014
:puke: This is like some sexual things you just can't open your mind to. It's definitely fir ... More »
Re: Vodka     02/01/2014
@bp2018: It's so good with a bunch of crushed ice, dilutes it a bit and it tastes like... More »
Re: Things to do...     02/01/2014
Pop some corn and watch a movie! I've been up since 6. Worked through the morning, just did over ... More »
Re: Vodka     02/01/2014
@bubbleyes72: I thought Patron was the very best there was? Have u been to Spec's? It'... More »
Re: Cocks     02/01/2014
Now I wanna lick something.....,hmmm... More »
Re: KDC Anniversary today for: Lakelady, JOHO69, Sky, ybarratina!!     02/01/2014
They're ghosts, just like the rest of us! :ghost:... More »
Re: I am soooo good!     02/01/2014
There is a booze thread on here if you want to drown your sorrows! :)... More »
Re: Vodka     02/01/2014
Anyone ever tried the chocolate vodka or chocolate liqueur from Godiva? Holy chit it's GUUD!... More »


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