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Re: Blogging Jobs     02/06/2014
I read some more yesterday. When zillions of people are doing something or trying, the pay will suck... More »
Re: George Zimmerman scheduled to fight DMX     02/06/2014
We are a nation of voyeurs now. We think watching everything is normal. It really isn't IMO. The ... More »
Re: Male equivalent of getting flowers     02/06/2014
Bathe him and then a nice and slow massage with his fave drink nearby, totally relax every part of h... More »
Re: Fifty Shades     02/05/2014
It's just sophomoric in style, gets on my nerves. The story is interesting but she's not a great wr... More »
Re: Fifty Shades     02/05/2014
... More »
Re: 15 horses seized in new Caney     02/05/2014
She sounds like a hoarder. They just keep getting more and more animals that they can't take care of... More »
Re: Bruce Jenner......     02/05/2014
@rundmv: I see what you mean and biologically, you're correct. I guess I should say you ... More »
Re: Bruce Jenner......     02/05/2014
@rundmv: I'm not arguing with your core premise but after this procedure their lives chan... More »
Re: What Little Girls Wish Daddies Knew     02/05/2014
@Nurse3: Well, that isn't true!! The men in my family have been nothing short of awesom... More »
Re: Blogging Jobs     02/05/2014
@donnatella: I could do that too but if I got paid for it, that would be a different c... More »
Blogging Jobs     02/05/2014
Is there any legit ones?? I spent hours surfing the net once and everything was either a dam scam or... More »
Re: Favorite thing to watch your spouse do?     02/05/2014
Men and music, play that guitar, or drums, or anything, and I will lust After you. :dance:... More »
Re: Tree nuts found to lower death rate by 20 percent     02/05/2014
I'm out of pistachios!!! And at $7.00 a bag maybe it's for the best. Lol... More »
Re: Bruce Jenner......     02/05/2014
@rundmv: You can't really say that. People ARE changing sexes. But that's why I'd like... More »
Re: Fav Artist     02/05/2014
I know it sounds weird, but I tend to be drawn to artists, like Van Gough who aren't just good but w... More »
Re: Bruce Jenner......     02/05/2014
I really don't get it. I think some of these people are just basically not right. No idea what the i... More »
Re: Why that pastry in your hand could be killing you     02/04/2014
The carb police are comin'... More »
Re: Women, Jeez     02/04/2014
@Jake_Bob: Yeah, who knew men liked food and sex, not necessarily In That order. Sh... More »
Re: renting     02/04/2014
What's your price range? Be warned, even the more modest homes here are in the $1200.00 a month rang... More »
Re: BooBear & Okiedokie     02/03/2014
Wow those nipples are really quite low on the boob. Lmao! We women prefer our nips to be front and c... More »


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