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Re: Such a beautiful day.................     02/10/2014
I was gunna say, WTF, but I will take that back. I'm going to buy a cabin in some gorgeous place... More »
Re: Bruce Springsteen     02/10/2014
Most of the creative types are libs. If you knew how many and what they feel like politically, you'd... More »
Re: WORST MOOD EVER     02/10/2014
I'm crabby as hell too. Ugh! I wanna deck someone, and I've had enough Cheetos so that's out. ... More »
Re: The Oscars...     02/09/2014
@lil03speedster: I know! They make me kinda ill. lol... More »
Re: The Oscars...     02/09/2014
It's not really a party til you invite The Kardashians! ... More »
Re: Panera Bread     02/09/2014
I like it. As someone who eats almost zero fast food, this is a nice and healthier alternative. You ... More »
Re: not saying goodbye,,, but c-ya later     02/08/2014
Have a good one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!... More »
Re: Inspirational messages     02/08/2014
@herron1345: That's freakin' hysterical! I'd like to have a painting of that. That use ... More »
Re: My kid playing baseball     02/08/2014
How much is it costing per kid?? Wow if they actually need sponsors to pay fees, that's whack. Wa... More »
Re: Job Posting     02/08/2014
@RobinZander: That sounds good, but there are more jerks around than normal people and... More »
Re: Inspirational messages     02/08/2014
@RobinZander: True. But those kind would never actually come to that conclusion. Just the ... More »
Re: So who's upset?     02/08/2014
The commercial doesn't bother me. But there ARE issues. The US has always been a melting pot. It'... More »
Re: Why?     02/08/2014
The truth Is some people think used stuff should be all but free. Idiots.... More »
Re: Since ya'll were talking about The Tasting Room..     02/08/2014
Ive ever bed there, how is the food for those of you that have been?... More »
Re: One More Hate Winter Reason     02/08/2014
@WskyTngoFxtrt: It's not practical most of the time! But it would be good for those who ... More »
Re: One More Hate Winter Reason     02/08/2014
I love winter! It's easier to warm up if you're chilly. Not so easy to get cooler when it's 99*... More »
Re: I have a bad feeling     02/08/2014
Just curious as to how the day went? :)... More »
Re: How much longer on the Avatar bet?     02/08/2014
You guys shouldn't complain, she might change it to the blue waffle!! :giggle: :puke:... More »
Re: Winner! Tasting Room Contest...     02/08/2014
@Fallon: You go girl! Hahaaa... More »
Re: Winner! Tasting Room Contest...     02/08/2014
Omg!! I never win anything!! Am I dreaming this?? Thanks @KDC!! And everyone!!! :dance:... More »


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