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Re: i am waiting for him....     04/16/2014
@sunshinegirl: I know! Right! The problem is actors/models are a different breed of ca... More »
Re: i am waiting for him....     04/16/2014
He's cute as hell. But he's probably an egocentric pain in the ass. Put that face with a heart of go... More »
Re: Candy     04/16/2014
Brachs Malted Milk Balls! My favorite balls. Lol. No, really. They are the best and they, Brach... More »
Re: Darn Cats (humor)     04/15/2014
Did anyone see Grumpy Cat at some awards show this week. Omg, he had a hat on! Hysterical how mellow... More »
Re: Muffin Top     04/15/2014
Go with the blueberry muffin, from HEB. Those things make a candy bar want to run and hide . Lol... More »
Re: Prom Corsage     04/15/2014
I would eat that, lmao. I thought the title said PORN corsage at first. :tongue: Then I sta... More »
Re: HILARIOUS COUPLE HA     04/15/2014
@sunshinegirl: That's so cute! Haaaa... More »
Re: Female jogger attacked at park in Humble     04/15/2014
"I always run with my headphones on, even in my neighborhood,” said the victim." That... More »
Snakes     04/12/2014
Yeah, they don't want to be around you, til they DO.... More »
Re: Why are girls so mean?     04/07/2014
Lots of nice, honest good women get treated like crap too so I guess it all comes out even.... More »
Re: Online dating     04/07/2014
@hipster007: Keep being nice. It's WHO you are and it's good enough. Good enough f... More »
Re: some things you can always depend on...     04/06/2014
I'd like to know what they are!... More »
Re: Sunscreen     04/06/2014
Well, you gotta die from something. :) I guess I'll stick with the sunscreen so when I die fro... More »
Re: Sweet Tooth     04/06/2014
You guys with sweets need to share!! Damn sugar. :nono:... More »
Re: Online dating     04/06/2014
@DiverDude: Omg, lol! I don't get people lying. It's like you aren't going to actu... More »
Re: Damn Cheese!     04/06/2014
You can't out everything you really like. Life's too short. YOLO And besides the anti carb crow... More »
Re: How much is too much     04/05/2014
I hate you! I've been wide awake since 3:30, thinking staying in bed would actually help me go back ... More »
Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles     04/03/2014
@sunshinegirl: I do too. Target had TMNT boxers for boys and boy did I want a pair! Lo... More »
Re: Yorkie Mauls Baby Boy     04/02/2014
Lol!... More »
Re: I would not want to date a Duggar!     04/02/2014
I think their afraid of their kid(s) getting pregnant. Lol... More »


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