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Re: im pissed off right now!!     04/04/2015
@BooBear: It's always the woman's problem! It's hard to communicate with a stone tho, t... More »
Re: im pissed off right now!!     04/04/2015
@jax: The inability to accept others beliefs? Why, SHE most likely believes the man sh... More »
Re: The Veggie Lady Open Saturday 9-4     04/04/2015
Not everything is local. Much of it is, but some is from other sources. She tells you all about wher... More »
Re: Makeup, Highlighting your best features     04/03/2015
You know what's amazing? Priscilla Presley was so gorgeous imo and then she had that "work" done. No... More »
Re: Makeup, Highlighting your best features     04/03/2015
It's all disgusting.This is how you know your focus has  led you astray. I'd rather be loved for my... More »
Re: Ariana Grande     04/02/2015
If she wears  that same short skirt and the usual get up, ugh, I don't think I could stand it. Lol.... More »
Re: My positivity thread =)     04/01/2015
"You don't have to drain the ocean to find something shiny" Me... More »
Re: So we had to do it =(     03/31/2015
I'm so sorry you, and he, have to go through that.One thing tho, dogs don't think like humans. All h... More »
'Cause, just because     03/31/2015
@uneasyrider: I agree. I was speaking about the giant boobs. It defies logic. Everyone know... More »
A little fun for the ladies...     03/31/2015
Mine will cost $10.00... More »
'Cause, just because     03/31/2015
Extreme anything is ugly IMO. What's even uglier is that someone would degrade themselves by alterin... More »
Re: Star Trek coming back?     03/30/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt: He's 84?? I thought he was in his 70's! Time just gets away from m... More »
Re: Francesca's Boutique at Kingwood Commons!!     03/30/2015
What kind of boutique?... More »
Re: Star Trek coming back?     03/30/2015
@WJo: Ain't it the truth!, but I keep trying to tell people the truth hurts. He lo... More »
Re: Star Trek coming back?     03/30/2015
@WJo: You did NOT say that. Something's are eternal, and timeless. But Captain Ki... More »
Re: New here!! any mom's out there?     03/29/2015
Welcome! Try There's so many groups, with interests in literally everything, you can't m... More »
Insomnia....     03/28/2015
I talk in my sleep so much lately, I wake myself up yelling STFU! Lmao My brain continues to sti... More »
Root Beer Float in Kingwood?     03/28/2015
@Peabody: All I know is I NEED one! :)... More »
My 600 lb life..     03/28/2015
@SerenityNow: Yes. The big issue here, pardon the Pun, is that this addiction shows through ... More »
Re: The Music     03/27/2015, if she was hot and the right age and lurk worthy, the music wouldn't bother you? 🍺... More »

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