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Re: Did someone say..     03/23/2015
Oh from your mouth to Gods ears. With sugar on top. And a wet t shirt with nipples.... More »
Re: Brewingz     03/22/2015
What about the food??... More »
Re: Eat a bag of .......     03/22/2015
Wow, that's Not a very nice message for a sabbath morning. I always thought the more, the merrier!An... More »
Re: Japan Burger King     03/20/2015
Looks like vomit between two rocks. LmaoThe Goth Burger is born.... More »
Re: About to go into a meeting, y'all please send me some PM's     03/19/2015
Picture everyone naked.  I mean, more than normal. Lmao... More »
Re: ~ Damn You, Yummy Skittles!     03/19/2015
Someone had a colorful last poop. LolWe must all do our part to make the world a more colorful place... More »
Re: Butter Face     03/19/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt: I'm sure, but why? Looks are a gift. It takes no talent or skill. It's... More »
Re: Butter Face     03/19/2015
@Spork: Really?? She's not treated poorly due to her smarts, it's his INSECURITY that... More »
Re: ...For One Minute.....     03/18/2015
I do it almost daily, except lately when it's been so dam gloomy. :mad:... More »
Re: Question for you ladies     03/18/2015
Have you been checked for fibroid rumors and endometriosis?It's awful you have to go through that! I... More »
Re: Butter Face     03/18/2015
What do we call a man with a good body but an ugly face?? Funny how women get assig... More »
Re: headache     03/18/2015
I have one too. It's the weather and my sinuses, which both suck.... More »
Re: Favorite exercise     03/18/2015
Pelvic thrusts are good for your back, abdomen, hips and libido. :)Disclaimer: Done with a partner c... More »
Re: Neighbor's hideous yard     03/14/2015
@ET: Yet they have thrown old ladies out of their homes and tried to force the sale ... More »
Re: Processed foods     03/14/2015
Yeah, it sucks but yet we can still chose to eat organic when possible if the prices don't break you... More »
Re: What do you look for in a new home?     03/10/2015
@Okiedokie: Ok, that's not the kind of house you find, that's the kind you build!! I... More »
Re: What do you look for in a new home?     03/10/2015
@BooBear: You have to eat, so you'll need a chef...cute, buffed with a nice butt and... More »
Re: What do you look for in a new home?     03/10/2015
Big kitchenw/granite, a water feature would be a dream outside, high ceilings, good floor plan, good... More »
Re: I get my screening done next week     03/09/2015
Sounds like an interesting job for a woman. Lol... More »
Re: I get my screening done next week     03/09/2015
So, what is the job? Not familiar with this.... More »

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