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Re: polyamorous     02/02/2015
@Francita: That stat came from the CNN documentary actually. It's was a private poll ... More »
Re: Instant perky nipple weather     02/02/2015
Let your nipple flags fly!! :flag:... More »
Re: polyamorous     02/02/2015
@Love2Run: I actually think that might be a key component to why this appeals to some. (... More »
Re: polyamorous     02/01/2015
@Mahm: You aren't tired! I just didn't check my post, and it wasn't clear. Sorry. I corr... More »
Re: polyamorous     02/01/2015
@Mahm: Sometimes your experiences threaten your sensitivity. They strain and harm you ... More »
Re: polyamorous     02/01/2015
I think it strange MILLIONS of people are on dating sites and in full dating/seeking a partner mode ... More »
Re: @mm4731 ......GOOD MORNIN' SUNSHINE!     02/01/2015
La da da da , da da da , da da da , da da da da da da da da, da da da, da da dad a, da da da da da... More »
Re: Lenny Kravitz - Wow     02/01/2015
@taramay: You're right!! I forgot she was Preggers. She did the right thing staying ho... More »
Re: Lenny Kravitz - Wow     02/01/2015
I wanted Carrie Underwood but KP is the Pop Princess nowadays. She looked cool flying on that star a... More »
Re: Wholesome Halftime Entertainment     02/01/2015
@donnatella: Shiite like that makes me jealous!! He's mine!! All mine!! He's most l... More »
Re: Wholesome Halftime Entertainment     02/01/2015
Two words: Lenny Kravitz. Third word: YES. Gawd he's hot. I liked Katy Perry, thought it ... More »
Re: Onion rings     02/01/2015
You should be shot for talking about onion rings when only coffee is acceptable! :tongue:... More »
Re: ugh     02/01/2015
@Francita: I think you're looking for a man with wisdom. To me that means good judgement... More »
Re: I didn't know it was you!     01/31/2015
You have to be careful with people who over react to everything, loose cannons. They are the kind to... More »
Re: Valentine's Day     01/31/2015
@tatertot58: Yeah, I'm afraid so. It would be great just to hang out at a lake or go and... More »
Re: Is it...     01/28/2015
@BooBear: Oh honey let me help you get motivated!! Don't you want to look nice in you... More »
Re: Is it...     01/28/2015
Just spent an hour and a half at the gym!! Sissies!! Lol Life is good.... More »
Re: More Randomness     01/28/2015
@FoFa: I'm sure the hen tried talking to the Rooster but he HAD to play hard to get.... More »
Re: 3 days and counting     01/28/2015
Watch out for sand in your arse, it causes an itch that forever needs scratching ... More »
Re: I am THAT crazy lady     01/27/2015
@Okiedokie: Try spinning! It makes a great ass! Or a nice butt better! Quick! Yay ... More »

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