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Re: Boudin Balls     06/12/2015
Did someone say balls????... More »
Re: I'm about to leave work.... YAY     06/12/2015
Bah, humbug. :)... More »
Re: I am a bacholor tonight. Momma went to her parents to     06/12/2015
You need to fo something about that dancing gut.  :giggle:... More »
Re: @KingwoodDotCom .....My Friend.....     06/10/2015
"I mean, can't we all just get along like adults, and very simply agree to disagree, without gettin'... More »
Would You Marry Again?     06/09/2015
@KTownTexican: A that, and you'd still want other women!! Men! Moral of the sto... More »
What do you think people will say at your funeral     06/08/2015
Who's gonna cook dinner??!!!... More »
Some might say     06/08/2015
Lmao! It's great to be smart! ... More »
Re: Spy     06/07/2015
@RogueHippEE: No. Read excerpts and it read like jr. High level writing. It was not lit... More »
Re: Ideal Candidate     06/07/2015
1. Stop lying2. Stop wasting money3.start holding yourselves (politicians) accountable for what you ... More »
Re: Spy     06/07/2015
I rented 50 shades of Grey. What a dud that was. The whole movie was just done badly. Not the actors... More »
Re: Beach Bound     06/07/2015
I've been wanting and thinking I need to get to the beach for a couple days, sit on a sunny deck in ... More »
Texas Woman Starts Campaign To Revoke Caitlyn Jenner's Olympic Medals     06/05/2015
What a Waste of everyone's time. He won those medals fair and square. And now, all these later we a... More »
Re: What an ass!     06/03/2015
That's deep. :giggle:... More »
Re: NO! no no no.....uh uh, nope...not at all     06/03/2015
It's hard to beat curvy and toned, Strong, a la feminine style. That there is just a$$ ugly. ... More »
Re: Fb pet peeve     06/01/2015
Maybe they need a " this friend doesn't care" button. :)... More »
Re: Just not my day     06/01/2015
@friday1: A huge crack?? 😀... More »
Re: From Bruce to Caitlyn     06/01/2015
@taramay: I couldn't agree more. I'm fascinated by it. Just to think someone wants to ch... More »
Re: Open Carry Passes in Texas     05/30/2015
@Heathur: I know where Dodge is, thanks! I just don't want to live there. I tend ... More »
Re: Open Carry Passes in Texas     05/30/2015
I don't like the whole open carry idea. Concealed carry is fine with me. But Texas has a reputation ... More »

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