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Re: Bikini     03/26/2015
She looks great to me! She's not overweight. In today's society that's a big plus right off the bat.... More »
Re: Finally. Finally!! FINALLY!!!     03/26/2015
@Stealth83: I guess he forgot that little liberty like the right to life, as in not be... More »
Re: Coffee jelly     03/26/2015
I'm trying to digest this. Will get back to you. :)... More »
Re: A friend     03/26/2015
It's easier and probably cheaper in the way of mental abuse  just to send another one! Lmao... More »
Re: Some people just baffle me....     03/26/2015
@GoldenGirl: Right. CC is an awesome resource. And the way college fees are going and ... More »
Re: Some people just baffle me....     03/26/2015
I applaud lots of my peers who worked their way through college. One is a physician so it was not ch... More »
Re: adult egg hunt!     03/25/2015
Nail polish... More »
Re: mm4731     03/25/2015
@TheTruthHurts:  Or something lower! [/quot @Retired_Engineer: I baited you int... More »
Re: mm4731     03/25/2015
It could be worse, he could be doing something else with his hands while driving.Like picking his no... More »
Re: Your words make a difference     03/25/2015
Nobody in their right minds fires good employees. If everyone got canned, they wanted all of them go... More »
Re: Ladies- bras?     03/25/2015
I hear you! I'm not wearing ugly bras bc they fit. I use to do that but not any more. I like pretty ... More »
Re: Angelia Jolie     03/24/2015
Any decent SO would want  to be with a partner for a major surgery. If that's rare, people suck.... More »
Re: what's for supper?     03/24/2015
Luscious BBQ ribs ... More »
Re: what is the strangest baby name you have heard?     03/24/2015
Ocean Chick, Ocean chick h2o, Ocean Girl , and worst of all Stuffed Marshmallow.... More »
Re: So, I am thinking of chopping my hair off     03/24/2015
We ARE taking about hair on the head, right? Because well, trends change and I want to keep up.... More »
Re: are we ever happy?     03/24/2015
@BooBear: Well, that the fun of exploration! :giggle:... More »
Re: are we ever happy?     03/24/2015
See the G spot thread. :)... More »
Re: Dinner     03/23/2015
Bacon, lots of bacon. I'm rolling myself in it and calling myself a snack. :giggle:... More »
Re: Did someone say..     03/23/2015
Oh from your mouth to Gods ears. With sugar on top. And a wet t shirt with nipples.... More »
Re: Brewingz     03/22/2015
What about the food??... More »

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