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Re: Fan Has Nose Cut     02/05/2015
Pics didn't load and I'm glad. We have a lot of unbalanced people in this world. They just can'... More »
Re: TBT done right     02/05/2015
... More »
Re: TBT done right     02/05/2015
If that was a woman, there would be no censoring cover ups! Don't take it personally ladies, it's... More »
Re: Looks like KDC is a lil menstrual today     02/03/2015
The real problem is probably LOW T. You men are sooooo sure it's always a woman's fault!! ... More »
Re: Adult thread     02/03/2015
I don't talk dirty unless it has a happy ending.  :kiss:... More »
Re: serious stuff     02/03/2015
Witch!! Sugar me up!!... More »
Re: Book Club     02/03/2015
@SoonersinTX: Do it! I will come and bring brownies, which are decadent. :)... More »
@ Boobear     02/03/2015
Catch that weiner already!! I'm starting to wannà catch one myself. :giggle:... More »
Re: Book Club     02/03/2015
Someone should start one! I'm going back to reading like I use to. I always had a book going and rea... More »
Re: Wireless bill $32 a month.     02/02/2015
@BooBear: Omg! Wth! How many users do you have? I have 3 and it's still 189.00 a month a... More »
Re: What would..     02/02/2015
I think you all have to consider that this whole thing is a troll thread. As JP Girl said, this ain'... More »
Re: polyamorous     02/02/2015
Oh and sex addiction is REAL: "What Is Sexual Addiction? By MICHAEL HERKOV, PH.D ~ 2 min read... More »
Re: polyamorous     02/02/2015
@ProblemAgain: Yes it does, it's been alluded to that religion forced all humanity to ac... More »
Re: polyamorous     02/02/2015
"people that can't stay faithful to one person would get involved with the 'poly' lifestyle. Li... More »
Re: polyamorous     02/02/2015
@Mahm: They don't feel secondary bc it's just casual sex with no emotion. The other one ... More »
Re: For that EX on valentines day     02/02/2015
@FoFa: Nope. Real hate translates into action of some form. Revenge for instance, in a ... More »
Re: For that EX on valentines day     02/02/2015
Haters are small minded people.... More »
Re: polyamorous     02/02/2015
@Francita: That stat came from the CNN documentary actually. It's was a private poll ... More »
Re: Instant perky nipple weather     02/02/2015
Let your nipple flags fly!! :flag:... More »
Re: polyamorous     02/02/2015
@Love2Run: I actually think that might be a key component to why this appeals to some. (... More »

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