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Re: What do you do when stressed?     12/18/2014
I'd want someone to draw on ME. Paint the world. Draw a map. Draw stick figures, just be creative. A... More »
Re: sound of rain     12/18/2014
Ah, rain. The sound of softness, The reminder that all things precious are gentle And soft, sooth... More »
Re: Is everyone sitting down? Wait for it....Mama June....     12/16/2014
After watching her on Dr. Phil and seeing the way she answered his questions, her appearance is not ... More »
Re: Darn cats thread #?     12/16/2014
Lmao. Best. Thread. Ever... More »
Re: Two words     12/15/2014
UH OH... More »
Re: Santa Picture Opinions     12/15/2014
What?? There's no Santa???... More »
Re: what can be so special about A golf     12/15/2014
Usually, the name on the club.... More »
Re: Volunteers needed.     12/15/2014
Can you elaborate on what the volunteer opportunities within the organization are and where they wou... More »
Re: Is everyone sitting down? Wait for it....Mama June....     12/15/2014
Oh, hot damn. A one woman threesome! :puke:... More »
Re: RSVP Thread for Ugly Sweater Party     12/13/2014
I thought the title said ugly swingers party!! That's why I didn't go!!! :giggle:... More »
Re: What are you fanatical about     12/10/2014
Not much really. Instead I try to have high standards in general about my job and responsibilities.B... More »
Re: Is accepting this person your with and being patient the key to it all?     12/10/2014
I think you need to date the other guy. There's a reason WHY you like him. And part of it is likely ... More »
Re: What??     12/10/2014
@Stealth83: Yeah that must be one hell of a room with a twin bed!!... More »
Re: What??     12/10/2014
@cgm10sne1: It makes you wonder how people come to their conclusions. It's fairly sim... More »
What??     12/10/2014
Is it just me or is this a bit much? Job Description: In exchange for the use of a private, nice... More »
Re: For the men - Jingle Bells as you have never seen     12/10/2014
Jingle titties for the little boys dressed like men. :giggle:... More »
Soooo whuts for supper?     12/08/2014
@Retired_Engineer: Sounds familiar! I'm not dieting but sugar is my comfort food. And it'... More »
Re: if you have my number     12/07/2014
I can send a dirty pic. Why waste a good text?... More »
Re: Soooo whuts for supper?     12/07/2014
@Retired_Engineer: Why bother eating?? LOL... More »
Re: Gum     12/07/2014
@donnatella: It's weiner Sunday!! Hahaaaa... More »


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