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Re: "Nip-on's"     11/13/2014
@WskyTngoFxtrt: probably yours! ... More »
Re: "Nip-on's"     11/13/2014
ah, nipples, proof for sure God was a appreciating my own since they suffer from a distinct l... More »
Re: Thanksgiving: Mashed Potatoes     11/10/2014
I think red have the best taste, skin on. Add a large dollup of sour cream or cream cheese with m... More »
Re: Namaste, My Beautiful Friends...     11/07/2014
Ah, the beauty of mirrored souls, Reflecting love and light to and from each other, Even when dark... More »
Re: Guess Whose Cleavage 2     11/07/2014
Because I was comparing it to some of the stuff I've seen people post about their boobs and arses. ... More »
Re: WOW- Could it be fate???     11/07/2014
Do it! Your husband should understand how this is so right for you! If not, send him to Pennsy... More »
Re: Guess Whose Cleavage 2     11/05/2014
Amateurs!! :giggle:... More »
Re: Hozier     11/05/2014
God, I love that song, and him. I've heard a couple other songs, and I give him detonate thumb up.... More »
Re: Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"     11/01/2014
She's is featured as a model with a company called Model Mayhem. This is on her Internet profile: ... More »
Re: I've dated some crazy women but..     10/30/2014
"I'd be totally okay if it was reversed and women cat called me." @ drekonix, no you wouldn... More »
Re: Tim Cook is gay...     10/30/2014
I guess gay guys can be really successful!! Who knew?... More »
Re: Why You Should Flirt.....     10/30/2014
I'm a sensitive, touchy feely, playful, doting, confident, sexual tease twit and I need another twi... More »
Re: Anyone else up?     10/30/2014
Man or woman? Cuz a man being up, can be nothing like a woman being "up". :giggle: Insomnia ... More »
Re: Gone Girl     10/30/2014
I have the book on my iPad but haven't started it yet. I am going to see the movie first so that m... More »
Re: Chicks Man 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     10/29/2014
Someone likes the chunkies....... More »
Re: Chicks Man 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     10/29/2014
Hey, that's me!! ^^^^^ Nothing like a sexy chic and her bird. :giggle:... More »
Re: Ladies, White Purses...     10/06/2014
I have a white purse and only wear it with my lacy white frilly bikini panties. And not after the... More »
Re: Office in Kingwood: now hiring     10/06/2014
@sapphire: It is. Cold calling and dialing for dollars. All. Day. Long. Why don't they j... More »
Re: I stand corrected. Maybe they CAN be too big.     10/06/2014
Gross and stupid.... More »
Re: POKE!     10/06/2014
Oh goodie! More ways to flirt online!! Quick, someone poke me!!... More »


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