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Re: Really Don't Care     12/02/2014
OOoh lyrics! I luv 'em. But if you look closely most of these are of pain BECAUSE they really sti... More »
Re: How to improve race relations     12/02/2014
Sticking to the FACTS about what is real would help. And, maybe putting yourself in the other guys s... More »
Re: Would you want Ray Rice to play for the Texans?     12/01/2014
He's another O.J imo. He didn't kill her but he knocked her out COLD. He got away with it too since ... More »
Re: STAR WARS,,, is now racist     12/01/2014
When I i read the title I was sure it was going to be about the way we mistreat Aliens. :giggle:... More »
Skills for men and women?     11/30/2014
@donnatella: Neither. Just the facts. I was taught to be resourceful and I am. I can manage ... More »
Michael's Wine and Coffee     11/30/2014
Will Michael be there?? Lol ... More »
How do you deal with bad news     11/30/2014
I do the mature thing, look on the bright side. It can always be worse. Then over inform myself so I... More »
Skills for men and women?     11/30/2014
I'm handy as hell. I'll give anything a shot. If I can't do it, meh. Amateur Jack of All Trades, ... More »
serious you wear a bra on Sundays?     11/30/2014
Yes. Bc I don't exist to entertainment the masses. I loove purple, black and anything wild looki... More »
Re: Flying Saucer Pies     11/26/2014
@Murf: Wait, is this a new revolutionary idea? Beer pie!!!! ... More »
Flying Saucer Pies     11/26/2014
People camped out there last night, as in really staying the night just to score a pie for Thanksgiv... More »
Re: Craving something sweet!     11/26/2014
When the craving is random, that means you get multiples. Lol Cake, always cake. :cake:... More »
Re: Anyone Up Yet?     11/26/2014
I'm up too. Ugh If it wasn't for Italian roast BOLD coffee, I'd stick a fork in my eye. ... More »
Re: men have known for years but never understood...     11/23/2014
@donnatella: And this is why women don't get men a lot of times. Most of us don't bump t... More »
Re: men have known for years but never understood...     11/23/2014
Yep. Nothing kills the libido like a crappy man or relationship, continuos stress and dysfunction... More »
Re: dream analysis anyone?     11/23/2014
I'm going to go with the standard here, the old sexual question mark issue. Lmao Ya know how th... More »
Re: Making out.     11/21/2014
If I'm nekkid, damn straight. :kiss:... More »
Re: had a change of heart     11/21/2014
@redhead0224: LOL Business must be very slow! :giggle: ... More »
Re: Single men..     11/13/2014
@Francita: Me too! Maybe we should start a club or something! Hahaa... More »
Re: "Nip-on's"     11/13/2014
@WskyTngoFxtrt: I have a history?? OOoh I hope it's interesting!... More »


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