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Re: I need me a haircut     07/25/2015
@BBQguy: Lol! That's adorable! Mr. clean without a body! ... More »
Re: I miss KW sometimes, but...     07/25/2015
You are blessed! When you live like that it is, IMO, back to our core roots.  There's something so ... More »
Re: Woke up late....startin to growl a bit     07/25/2015
It's just cake in a pan, mmmmmmm.  :thumbsup:... More »
Re: Morning Blues     07/25/2015
@donnatella: I have Kelly Clarksons Invinceable stuck in my head! God that woman C... More »
Re: I need me a haircut     07/25/2015
Bbq guy has long hair??@BBQguy, post a pic!!... More »
Re: Exxon on Mills Branch     07/24/2015
Well, that's boring. I don't know a Scotch from a brandy!! LolI think we need a bakery in there!! &n... More »
Re: Kingwood Progressives     07/23/2015
Do you like cake?? Then I say welcome!  :cake:... More »
Re: Dirty Juicy Burgers     07/22/2015
Peanut butter on French toast, now that's delish! I like bacon on my burgers!!... More »
Re: Ladies?     07/22/2015
I've never seen a strapless work on anything over a B cup. They suck. ... More »
Re: Bagwell swipes second base     07/22/2015
She  looks like an idiot. Is she drunk or something?? He's clearly telling her to calm her tits... More »
Re: I think I just broke up with my family...     07/21/2015
Is there a drama  smiley anywhere???... More »
Re: Hacked - Ashley Madison web sit     07/21/2015
@Sparkles: And it's awful bc they didn't ask for something horrible like that. Their S... More »
Re: Hacked - Ashley Madison web sit     07/21/2015
@Sparkles: While it's true they are consenting adults, we DO have a collective soul ... More »
Hacked - Ashley Madison web sit     07/20/2015
@Stealth83: I would rather they be single. Those 'customers' are exposing an innocent party ... More »
Check this out!     07/20/2015
:thumbsup:... More »
Re: ~ I Love You, @BooBear .....     07/14/2015
I didn't know you were gay.... More »
Re: Greentree     07/11/2015
Mmmmmm. No kid could throw an egg that far. The school isn't right on the street, it sits far back f... More »
Re: Steven Tyler as a country singer....     07/10/2015
I liked it. It's not that pure country, it's country pop, which I like anyway. He looks dam good for... More »
Re: Serious Question: GYM     07/10/2015
Take HIIT or RIPPED classes. They do cardio first and then have weight lifting segments and mat/core... More »
Re: kayaking tomorrow!     07/10/2015
That sounds fun! I just saw kayak rowing lessons on Amazon Local Deals. I don't have one but I learn... More »

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