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Re: Kings Mill     07/23/2016
@donnatella: I do the minimally dressed thing. And its the darndest thing how friendly everyone ... More »
Re: Kings Mill     07/23/2016
@BooBear: LMAO! Send me your address so I make sure not to buy a house on your street. :giggle: ... More »
Re: Kitty is angry and meowing     07/22/2016
open the dam door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cat:... More »
Re: McDonald's concerns over fresh beef     07/22/2016
@Jpgurl: I would have waited 2, and raised you 2 more. LOLI have never understood the universal ... More »
Re: Hairball ~ This is gross!     07/20/2016
Pics or it didn't happen. LOL.... More »
Re: For all us dieters out there     07/20/2016
My Mom once asked a lady in the doctor's waiting room how far along she was...and she wasn't pregnan... More »
Re: Pokemon Go, Boobear-Style     07/17/2016
How about Donut-Go??Now, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :donut:... More »
Re: can somebody help me understand the point of this?     07/15/2016
Its called FUN. a rush, a thrill........ More »
Re: master bath remodel     07/15/2016
If you are moving in a year, update the general over all look, without getting crazy....... More »
Re: WTF wife stays home all day and i get Burger King ?     07/15/2016
@taramay: I see what you did there!! Treat them like children, it works!!!  :thumbsup: ... More »
Re: WTF wife stays home all day and i get Burger King ?     07/15/2016
@princecharming: Wow, who KNEW!!! I thought ALL women were disrespectful!!!! Oh, wait....that's ... More »
Re: Breakfast     07/15/2016
Nothing quite as appetizing as a blood soaked breakfast. LOL. :puke:... More »
Re: What are you listening to?     07/12/2016
@ProblemAgain: that's beautiful. The power of touch. I bet that could save a lot of relationship... More »
Re: Stages of Regret     07/10/2016
LOL. Orange peels should come with a canine warning label complete with skull and cross bones.:giggl... More »
Re: Joel Olsteen     07/10/2016
He's a ray of sunshine that man. every time he speaks, I am encouraged, which is the opposite of wha... More »
Re: Boarding/Sitting Pets     07/09/2016
@Andreweggplant: that's highway robbery. How many pets?? ... More »
Can I ask a question?     07/08/2016
".......and I am not trying to start a debate here" :laugh:... More »
Re: 2 Police officers just shot in Dallas.     07/08/2016
@uneasyrider: none of us is perfect. we are all human. but who brings a CHILD to a shooting?? wh... More »
Re: Skero's BBQ     07/08/2016
where are you located? I didn't see the other thread. Love BBQ, AND your good attitude and wanting t... More »

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