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Re: Do I have to get up today?     04/16/2016
... More »
Re: Anyone gots a recipe for     04/15/2016
:puke:... More »
Re: anyone know of any free summer programs for kids     04/15/2016
@PedroDePacas:  You, sir, are what is known as a "dud" parent. lmao ... More »
Re: Filter Free Friday     04/15/2016
I think that would be against the rules. Ya., I KNOW it would be. ... More »
Re: Does anyone work for State Farm?     04/14/2016
@magnoliamam: probably a "secret" message shout out to a secret person in a secret world waiting... More »
Re: So whuts fer supper tonight??     04/11/2016
@BooBear: that's called cutting off your nose to spite your face. No Bueno, it IS the best.  :)... More »
Re: TOP 10 Stolen Vehicles     04/11/2016
I have heard, not sure its true, that trucks are always high on the list bc they steal them to creat... More »
Re: Referrals for Cosmetic surgery     04/10/2016
i would get out of Kingwood and go to one of the best surgeons down town. the last person i knew her... More »
Re: Best hamburgers in town     04/09/2016
@Wooderson: I thought that was Italian food?? ... More »
Re: I am about to fall victim.....     04/06/2016
@Bearfin: Me too, I was thinking a wonderful new way to core apples, LOL ... More »
Re: fillies director fired today ???????     04/06/2016
You gotta ask yourself, with the unbelievable success she has had as Director there, the national ti... More »
It looks like fun but ...     04/05/2016
LMAO. Mostly harmless but especially funny. :)... More »
Re: Kingwood Teen Busted With Shrooms     04/04/2016
@taramay: This is what people do usually when they want to excuse things that ought not be excus... More »
Re: Best shake?     04/02/2016
@BooBear: TRUTH> :) ... More »
Re: big burgundy purse     04/02/2016
I NEED a burgundy purse!!!! With money would be better!! ;)... More »
Re: PSA for the ladies     04/02/2016
who doesnt like to roam in the enchanted forest?? lol... More »
Re: Unbelievable     04/02/2016
@Mahm: stop making so much sense! ;) ... More »
Re: Unbelievable     04/02/2016
@BooBear: LOL, im neither. just wide awake and full of hope. thank God. :) ... More »
Re: Unbelievable     04/02/2016
@princecharming: the last thing most men want is for a woman to think that the man needs her, is... More »
Re: Unbelievable     04/01/2016
@princecharming: I, for one, didn't know that! They do everything they can to keep that on the d... More »

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