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Re: Yea!! a project!!!     02/17/2015
Pour a Rita on it and call it a day. You can untangle it after it dries. LOL. :party:... More »
Re: Ladies, this nice man is now available...     02/17/2015
There are plenty of men like this. They KNOW how to be charming and normal. But, they aren't. They c... More »
Re: ~ SNL 40 Year Anniversary Special ... Who Watched?     02/17/2015
Paul McCartney sounded awful especially in the beginning, the last half wasn't as bad. Some people j... More »
Re: what???     02/17/2015
@donnatella: I don't think it has anything to do with wanting to be liked. People li... More »
Re: Help     02/17/2015
I had a car with that issue. Transmission went out. Ugh.This might help: I would first look at the ... More »
Re: Fifty Shades of Grey     02/15/2015
I know someone who saw it this weekend. Asked her what she thought. She said in a word, disturbing.... More »
Re: need advise..spinal tap question     02/15/2015
It's pretty much the norm. Not a fun procedure! Sorry you feel so crappy! I second Love2run tho, ... More »
Re: i got questions?     02/15/2015
@acehawk: You're not real, are Ya?? :)... More »
Re: Valentine's day results     02/15/2015
@jax: I just wanna love on you Jax. Let me. Let me melt that cold Stoney exterior and so... More »
Re: Valentine's day results     02/15/2015
I got lucky, if only in my mind! Let's not get too technical!! :heart:... More »
Re: My Precious     02/14/2015
You called?? :giggle:... More »
Re: Happy Single Awareness Day     02/14/2015
@BooBear: Yeah that's dumb. Lol. When you stop and think about it, what's better than ho... More »
Re: Thoughts on pet birthday parties     02/12/2015
No desire whatsoever. I love my pets but they aren't people.... More »
Re: going back too the gym     02/08/2015
... More »
Re: what is wrong with some people???     02/07/2015
@BooBear: You said dicks. ... More »
Re: what is wrong with some people???     02/07/2015
I had someone do that to me. I felt bad! I was going to move my car over til I realized I was a good... More »
Re: More Randomness     02/07/2015
@FoFa: Of course there's some of that too. But there's also lots of awful behavior people ... More »
Re: More Randomness     02/07/2015
@FoFa: I'm pretty sure that over simplified some things. LOL If both women experi... More »
Re: "Plus-sized"     02/06/2015
@ProblemAgain: I didn't know that! I thought she was a model for their swimsuits edition... More »


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