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Re: New meetup for naturals!     03/04/2015
I think your group is a great idea! I'm considering attending. As far as the MJ goes, i don't thi... More »
Re: Democrats Demand a "Viable Alternative" to Letting Iran Develop Nukes     03/03/2015
I thought the title said Viagra. Dam penis threads. Lol... More »
Re: Well, what do you know....     03/03/2015
@notfromhere: Now, why would nature/God do that? Makes no sense. I don't think that's... More »
Re: Boner and company beat down again     03/03/2015
Beating down a boner should be a criminal offense. That's takes some serious kind of idiot!... More »
Re: Ladies Quiz     03/03/2015
@Letslaugh: Ya, I'm on Ashley Madison so I can meet the man of my dreams!. And so c... More »
Re: Well, what do you know....     03/03/2015
@Francita: I'll go you one more, it's the partner that produces the euphoria! ... More »
Re: JJ Watt's "minimalistic" cabin....     03/03/2015
I like log cabins, but with that size, there's too much wood for me. The ceilings don't need to be w... More »
Re: Well, what do you know....     03/03/2015
"So what’s the take home message? Men, don’t be so hard on yourself as what you see on the TV...... More »
Re: This is how I truly feel today...     03/03/2015
He has no legs, just feet attached to an ass. Lmao... More »
Re: Veggie Lady this Saturday!!     03/03/2015
Oh yay! Does anyone know what she takes for payments? Is it cash only or what? Awesome to have ... More »
Re: those processed foods     03/03/2015
I think we knew fast and processed food was bad. But so many people have been raised on it. It's fas... More »
Re: Very Big Catfish Caught in Italy     03/01/2015
It was he and his twin brother who reeled it in! Friggin amazing! And they did throw it back in! :l... More »
Re: MJ detox     03/01/2015
Why can't he just reduce daily levels? He sounds like he maybe high strung. Is there depression or o... More »
Re: do you juice?     03/01/2015
I like it for a little variety but don't like cleaning the juicers. I have a very old big dinosaur a... More »
Re: Very Big Catfish Caught in Italy     03/01/2015
How can a man catch a 300lb. Fish?? I'd like to read THAT story! I bet it's a whopper. :giggle:... More »
Re: Star of Bangkok     02/28/2015
Yum... More »
Re: ~ The Theory Of Everything {Movie Review}     02/28/2015
@fcabanski: Really? I want to see that movie. He's an amazing man. What is it you don't ... More »
Re: If you don't have Cable...Don't Buy a Sony TV...     02/28/2015
I think since this is fairly new, at least they are probably working on improvements. It's kinda lik... More »
Re: Answer to "The Dress" question!     02/27/2015
Blue and black!!... More »
Re: Feds approve GMO apple     02/22/2015
What a bunh of whips we've become when some brown on an apple from a natural process is something w... More »


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