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Re: Morning Panic     01/23/2016
i hate weak coffee! go for the bold ones. one of the best is Dark Magic from Green Mountain, Tall, D... More »
Re: Ted Cruz     01/21/2016
@cador: LOL! im for dumping the whole system that we have now anyway. throw the baby out with th... More »
Re: Ted Cruz     01/21/2016
i saw a Republican pundit asked who he would rather have between Trump and Cruz. he said, "thats lik... More »
Re: I see you there buddy     01/20/2016
There is just something cool about seeing wildlife when you dont expect it. when i see deer in this ... More »
Re: Swinger meet ups?     01/19/2016
anyone calling themselves *magicstick* must be insecure about their stick. LOLif it WERE magic, you ... More »
Re: this guy only lives for ONE DAY     01/18/2016
you'd only live for 24hrs. too if you ate sh!t. :dance:... More »
Re: Homemade Tea     01/18/2016
i brew decaff and add a little Stevia  if i want it sweetened. i normally dont add sweetener. ive n... More »
Re: Doesn't feel     01/18/2016
@POTUS: me too. wanna date??... More »
BIG looser     01/17/2016
@comedian: WISHFUL THINKING?? :giggle:... More »
Re: This healthy way is hard but i feel gpod     01/15/2016
@CC1974: actually, the dark chocolate is very healthy. its full of antioxidents. i keep it aro... More »
Re: It's been a hell of a January so far...     01/14/2016
you cursed,ddnt you??   :giggle:speedy recovery!... More »
Re: Be Janis     01/14/2016
she was a talented artist, but being a drug addict and the PAIN and horror that causes to herself an... More »
Re: PSA     01/11/2016
And those will probably be the ones who need help with the basic disappointments in life. whaa. God ... More »
Re: Mozzarella sticks at McDonald's??     01/09/2016
@donnatella: Sonic has really good Mozarella sticks and they are just a burger join... More »
Ran into an ex-boyfriend yesterday...     01/05/2016
@starryskies67: How do you remember him? It's been 14 years! Did you think anything would ... More »
Thank you Papa John's pizza delivery guy...     01/03/2016
@shodan66: It's not the penis, it's the fact that the vast majority of criminals are men, lo... More »
Re: Bill Cosby finally charged     01/02/2016
@Cornellbalker: Small price to pay after 40 years of raping and drugging women.... More »
Re: New year's resolution     01/02/2016
LMAO. You and the majority of the American population.... More »
Re: Bill Cosby finally charged     01/02/2016
@allymansfield: what you may not realize is its just a fact that rape victims normally don't rep... More »
Weight Watchers     12/31/2015
WW has flagging sales now. That must be why Oprah bought into it and now using her public prowess to... More »

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