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This guy REALLY loves mother nature     05/06/2015
@jax: Yeah but I've had some relationships with "trees", not very responsive and not... More »
Re: Melaleuca     04/26/2015
Ugh. That is all. Just ugh.... More »
Re: Come ON! Give me some space here!     04/26/2015
Only animals can fart in your face and call it love, and you believe it! Lmao... More »
Re: he's here!     04/19/2015
He's beautiful!! you guys are so blessed!!  :heart:... More »
Re: Lazy Overcast Day     04/19/2015
:thumbsup:... More »
Re: Lazy Overcast Day     04/18/2015
@FoFa: Holy Mole, that looks great! ... More »
Re: For supper tnight I am juiced     04/17/2015
@Retired_Engineer: Omg, that sounds gross!! Lol... More »
Re: new shoes     04/17/2015
I'm into the gladiator sandals now, is there a version for them? Lmao... More »
Re: I gots a heavy heart tonight :(     04/16/2015
I'm so sorry! But people like you don't only just save dogs from disasters like getting hit by cars... More »
Marriage, one woman's view point     04/13/2015
Most couples don't realize going into a relationship that passion is extremely important bc it's ver... More »
Re: Maybe I'm too old fashioned     04/12/2015
Kids are like dogs sometimes. They do what they can get away with. It's like giving them the :thumbs... More »
Re: When you are not paid attention to...     04/09/2015
@BooBear: Yeah, I've heard that too. It's just a friggin shame you have to demand dece... More »
Re: Swimming Lessons     04/09/2015
Swimming is great for kids!!... More »
Re: So I was an a$$ this evening...     04/09/2015
Not to worry. I know some people who are an ass every evening. :)... More »
Re: Update on my hubbin     04/09/2015
What's a hubbin??J/k! I hope  he gets better soon! ... More »
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month     04/09/2015
Cheese makes my heart sing and my soul soar. Bread ain't far behind. :) Saut mushrooms, tomat... More »
Re: Dreams vs Reality     04/07/2015
@WJo: Oh, I've had those! And I always get punked. Always.... More »
Re: Dumped or lost GSDs in Atascocita     04/04/2015
Gorgeous dog! Wth. Two of them? There's a good chance they haven't wandered far. I hope you find the... More »
Re: Color, Cut, Mani, Pedi Day     04/04/2015
I had a massage, thinking I can't wait to be pampered!Well that was 2 weeks ago and that woman hurt ... More »
Re: Focus Stacking     04/04/2015
It's a gorgeous thing! Does that mean it will end up being a PIA?? Haa... More »


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