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Re: Are they real?     04/01/2016
men are so dumb, lol.. lol... More »
Re: so I resigned today...#OHHAPPYDAY!     03/31/2016
so one is a "dead B" and the other was on the brink of tears? oh More »
Re: Apple refused to help, but now...     03/30/2016
@Fallon: I didn't realize that was the case. They actually wanted Apple to change their OS so as... More »
Re: How do the pharmaceutical companies get away with it?     03/30/2016
check out Canadian drugs online, bc that's BS. ... More »
Re: Hipsters     03/26/2016
Labels, labels, labels... More »
Re: Gigi's Cupcakes now @ work     03/22/2016
I heard they were dry, small, and over priced. For $3.50, it needs to be BIG...... More »
Re: Sunday thank you!     03/21/2016
@GeorgiaBoy: Of course. you also cant control what other people do. ... More »
Re: Sunday thank you!     03/20/2016
Do you ever really know anyone???  lmao Certainly not on the net. :)... More »
Re: Political Bible Study That I Just Received     03/19/2016
That is in no way meant to be political, but alas, someone found a way to spin it that way .Because ... More »
Re: Pizza dough ideas     03/19/2016
If the sauce is too much just get some crushed tomato and add olive oil and garlic, if a small amoun... More »
Re: Burnt     03/19/2016
Not crazy about burned, but I LOVE it when a bunch are stuck together and all layered, lol...and Bou... More »
Re: Anyone remember Pia Zadora?     03/16/2016
@Retired_Engineer:If you're going to love me, Mr., you'll have to do waaaay better than that!! ... More »
Re: Lab Work     03/16/2016
stop drinking so  much Scotch!!  thats not what we're talking about when we say stay hydrated!!j/K... More »
Re: Anyone remember Pia Zadora?     03/16/2016
@Retired_Engineer: nada. just thought it interesting. lol. update on whats she's been up to. mid... More »
Re: Anyone remember Pia Zadora?     03/15/2016
Seems she was in a bit of trouble for assaulting her autistic step son, they had to call SWAT, 2013:... More »
Re: Katy Hayes painting party!!!     03/15/2016
@dotti573: i think considering the case here which is extreme loss of physical ability, it was ... More »
Re: You know why?     03/15/2016
its obvious, someone is addicted to needing attention.... More »
Re: Write a sad story only using 3 words!     03/14/2016
oops, its suppose to be sad! lemme think....i got nuthin!... More »
Re: Write a sad story only using 3 words!     03/14/2016
i love life!!!... More »

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