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Re: Brats on wlh     05/18/2016
The data is all over the net regarding cannabis and children/teens, my C & P isn't working or I'... More »
Re: I think we caused our kids to spend a lot of money!     05/18/2016
@Andreweggplant: Me too. We did outdoors things. It was cheaper and all, but we loved the beach ... More »
Re: Brats on wlh     05/18/2016
@JerryJustice: I agree the egg throwing is naughty. But pot and young brains is not a good idea.... More »
Re: I think we caused our kids to spend a lot of money!     05/18/2016
At some point, you have to be reasonable....if its TOO MUCH, you don't go. I had a friend with 4 kid... More »
Re: Yellowstone Park Rangers Euthanized A Baby Bison     05/18/2016
They thought it was COLD, in Montana, where they LIVE. I love people for the most part but good God ... More »
Re: He likes to dance     05/17/2016
LOL! who is that..? born to perform!... More »
Re: Brats on wlh     05/17/2016
@JerryJustice: not a parent, I take it? LOL. Pot for children is not a good idea, not healthy, i... More »
Re: Mile High Club?     05/17/2016
@Retired_Engineer: I hope its cuz you are feeling better!! ... More »
Mile High Club?     05/17/2016
Oh, just what I wanted...a place to see naked women!!! All the pervs will be there from North Housto... More »
Re: Sharky's turnover     05/16/2016
@HollyHobby: Turn over for hostess/greeter positions is usually due to them hiring teens for tho... More »
Re: Coffee Drinkers     05/11/2016
I like mine strong, but not bitter. I use organic coconut sugar, 1 tsp to sweeten. Its the best swe... More »
Re: Quick prom question     05/08/2016
@foxymama: he paid you. ... More »
Re: Quick prom question     05/07/2016
@mm4731: Only you. ... More »
Re: Very pretty song     05/07/2016
:thumbsup:... More »
Re: Adele     05/07/2016
@magnoliamam: I love that about her. She's genuine. When they gave her a standing O, she started... More »
Re: Does anyone iron sheets anymore?     05/05/2016
no they do not. aint nobody got time for that.... More »
Re:     05/05/2016
Someone likes em thick. lol... More »
Re: Does Size Matter?     05/04/2016
Yes, brain size.I guess we should ask potential partners what size their manhood is so we can proper... More »
Re: Y'all I need some major good vibes and prayers     05/02/2016
hang in there. it seems to be a condition of this world that some people just bear way more of a bur... More »
Re: Mm4731     05/02/2016
@BooBear: but it was ... More »

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