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Re: Friday night bender!     08/27/2016
I think it was an Internet bender! Much safer and no tracks. :giggle:... More »
Re: Jack Fruit take 2     08/27/2016
@FoFa: That's better than having a real bitch who won't clean! Lmao!... More »
Re: That's one big ol'....     08/27/2016
@donnatella: Nope! I can see her being female. You, not so much! I need to hit a meet ... More »
Re: That's one big ol'....     08/27/2016
I need to meet you! Somehow everything you say and do spells MALE. Are you really a female?? Lmao... More »
Re: If you get the joke....     08/27/2016
I don't get it. Somehow I think I should be proud! ┬áBut brisket tacos, oh hell ya!!!... More »
Re: 4 days in and....     08/27/2016
@podunk: Oh don't kid yourself. Men in college know the difference between gang rape a... More »
Re: 4 days in and....     08/26/2016
@ZMAN: That's Hollywood babble. Those kids were trouble makers and misfits, they were ther... More »
Re: 4 days in and....     08/26/2016
@podunk: You mean men too, it's them that do the most damage, rape on college campuses, ... More »
Re: How To Explain Something to Business Women     08/26/2016
You had to use that to get thru to business women?? Wow. And "just" isn't the right word, lol!... More »
Re: Fruit for feminism..     08/21/2016
@ProblemAgain: I wish you hadn't said that. Now my mind is wandering and my loins are burn... More »
Re: Fruit for feminism..     08/21/2016
@ProblemAgain: Someone creative out there needs to make a smiley face vagina. LOL... More »
Re: Fruit for feminism..     08/21/2016
Of course there's nothing wrong with vaginas. But ┬ápeople just can't help but commercialize, market... More »
Re: Holy crap, neighbor's house seems overpriced     08/21/2016
@notfromhere: It's never going to sell for that. EVEN if it's actually very updated and high ... More »
Re: Nice big beef roasts     08/20/2016
Eye of round roast I believe. And no, it isn't an eye on round rump roast, lol.Round rumps should no... More »
Re: Should the US swimmers who lied get a pass?     08/18/2016
If they wanna over look this as boys will be boys, fine, but in no way should they get a free ride. ... More »
Re: Pecker Poacher     08/18/2016
Snake vs. snake?? Lmao... More »
Boobies Tuesday     08/16/2016
@AuthorMan: It sounds like you lost your concentration. LOL... More »
Re: Who is this yummy addition to the Texans?     08/15/2016
Did u get his number? I feel like giving a  pent up lap dance.  :dance:  hahaaa... More »
Re: Mile High Club?     08/15/2016
@SS38: Closed minded and judgmental. Uh no honey, just go dig up the stats on crime, thu... More »
Re: Biggest boobs in US lives in Kingwood     08/14/2016
@jax: Bc it's unethical, that's why. And why doctors here started refusing to do it. She... More »

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