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Who likes to play BINGO???     01/19/2013
I love bingo...but i have never been to play here. I need to go sometime.... More »
We're not on the same page...     01/19/2013
Such a cute smile!! And, as far as the dogs and mud.....that is why I put tile ... More »
King Cake's in Kingwood?     01/18/2013
Maybe @heathur can make one????? ... More »
Lol     01/18/2013
Drama, drama..... :popcorn: :clap:... More »
KDC Anniversary today for: ruk72, Love2Run, thackero!!     01/17/2013
YAY!! Happy anniversary @ruk72, :-)... More »
VW Jetta     01/16/2013
I drive a 2009 Nissan Rogue....and LOVE IT!!! I, as you know have 4 larger dogs, and with the back s... More »
Dog help     01/14/2013
I personally see no problem with getting a 4th dog....once this new puppy is well adjusted to your o... More »
Dog help     01/14/2013
Imo, she is aggressive to your other dogs vc she is scared of them. She is just a puppy, and will s... More »
I'm BooBear! I'm BooBear!     01/13/2013
Something MUST be wrong with me to.... I just read that ENTIRE thread!! Granted i definitely :laugh... More »
Knock at the door.     01/12/2013
@butterflykisses: I am so thankful for my 4 large dogs too.... That has cut down a lot. And ... More »
Puke     01/12/2013
Poor baby... hope she feels better soon!!... More »
Moving to Texas     01/12/2013
@Curtis: There are lots of "Roll Tide" fans around here. @wooderson will like you for that too... More »
Kingwood man arrested on child porn charge     01/12/2013
It is incredibly sick.... BUT at least we are hearing about them getting caught. Just think, we all ... More »
Best Flea Mediation     01/11/2013
@TexINS: Yes... there is a HUGE difference. Hartz stuff also does not work down here esp. wi... More »
@lola: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!     01/11/2013
I hope you have a wonderful Birthday today!!!!!... More »
FurBabies, Welcome to!     01/10/2013
OMG, @furbabies. I am so excited about this!!!!! I have 4 med./large dogs........and they do not ge... More »
Puppy is making me CRAZY!!     01/09/2013
@topcat: is she good with other dogs???... More »
Re: Damn Dogs 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     01/09/2013
He is coming to give you a kiss!!!!    :)... More »
Insomnia     01/09/2013
I got woken up at 2:30 when it sounded like lightening hit outside of my house.....heard a HUGE banf... More »
Photographer Needed!     01/08/2013
@xjamiex may still be able to help you... she is in school and may need he extra money........... Sh... More »

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