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Re: Protest     03/31/2013
I got mine, and I am officially now owing more than it is worth.  UGH!!!!!!!  But, since I don't p... More »
Have to pick a new dentist---HELP!!!     03/30/2013
I have actually gone to Southern Dental in the mall...and actually really really liked them (well, a... More »
Have to pick a new dentist---HELP!!!     03/30/2013
@topcat: Crap..... I guess that means mine have changed too, huh??? Thanks for hinking of this for ... More »
need a special dinner     03/29/2013
@mgw300e: I second this choice!!!! Great experience!!!... More »
latest movies     03/29/2013
I went and saw Identity Thief last weekend.......hahahahahahahah!!!!! Goofy humor, but still funny! ... More »
I need a responsible nanny!!     03/28/2013
@ruk72: You are awesome for wanting to help her.... I know my mother would have loved it whi... More »
I need a responsible nanny!!     03/28/2013
Wouldn't a stay at home parent do the same thing as a hired nanny...??? Don't you all who are lucky ... More »
Freaking sweet!     03/27/2013
@BooBear: I got my check for the box game in the mail today!!! Yay us! :clap: ... More »
Re: Curious     03/27/2013
Lived in MANY different places, but love it here!  I have lived in Texas since 2003, and totally lo... More »
Re: Dinner     03/26/2013
Yep, I did it big tonight!!!  I had cereal.  :)... More »
Re: Dinner     03/26/2013
@silly123: You really must enjoy torturing me.......I have been wanting Italian for a few days n... More »
Shaved head (ladies weigh in!)     03/26/2013
Well, I am all for it. But, some men look better with shaved heads than others...just saying. :)... More »
Short week comin up!     03/25/2013
@silly123: Talk about mean?!?!?!?! Who is being mean now??? You and your 3 day week.....that... More »
Good day???     03/25/2013
@ghostfire1999: Or 4:30......ugh. I am sooooooo tired ths morning. :sleep:... More »
Short week comin up!     03/25/2013
@topcat: @mpjp0907: :cry:... More »
Re: Highway 59 changing to Highway 69     03/24/2013
@TexINS: You literally made me :laugh: out loud on that one...  Good one!  :clap: ... More »
Re: Roll Call     03/24/2013
I am trying really hard not to do anything productive with what is left in today.  I have to ad... More »
Re: beautiful day     03/24/2013
It was an absolutely perfect day so far!!  Went on a great trail ride this morning with a friend of... More »
Re: found starving large dog - help?     03/24/2013
I am so glad!!  This was tearing me up! I would have SO totally and completely fostered him if two ... More »
Farm to Market Restaurant     03/24/2013
Not meaning to offend or anger you @mardigrasman but.... Have you been to Farm To Market and experie... More »

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