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Re: You people are disgusting     12/22/2015 least you arent missing and or found a lost dog.... More »
Re: Song stuck in my head     12/18/2015
Re: Kingwood drive is a mess!     12/18/2015
The Cove...easy in and out.... More »
Re: Starplex cinema now AMC...     12/18/2015
Thank you for your interest in our company. At one time there was a family connection with StarPle... More »
Re: Starplex cinema now AMC...     12/17/2015
I thought Showbiz was owned by or affiliated w Starplex.... More »
Re: Starplex cinema now AMC...     12/17/2015
Ours is still Showbiz.... More »
Starplex cinema now AMC...     12/17/2015
AMC has aquired Starplex cinema.... More »
Re: The price of cheap oil and gas     12/15/2015
Market manipulation and silly US government.... More »
Re: Star Wars Fever     12/15/2015
For me only one reason...Bad Robot Productions and JJ Abrams.... More »
Re: ADELE concert on NBC     12/15/2015
.......AC/DC tickets for me please.... More »
Wingstop coming........     12/14/2015
Wingstop going in where the Mooya location was next to Leslies.... More »
Re: Antique Fishing Lures     12/11/2015
15 years isnt that old so lets see what ya got.... More »
Re: USA meet rock bottom     12/10/2015
Im more worried about the FED than either parties candidate.  Figure heads are just that...the real... More »
Re: Journey presale     12/09/2015
There is a 4 day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas w Journey on board and playing shows.... More »
Re: New Order in concert on December 19th     12/08/2015
I saw New Order on the Low Life tour back in the day in Austin.  Who knew they were still around.... More »
Re: Impulsive car buy that I regret     12/07/2015
You may be able to refinance that loan w a better rate.... More »
Re: Impulsive car buy that I regret     12/07/2015
What is the interest rate?... More »
Journey presale     12/04/2015
Presale on right now.... More »
Re: Anyone see the movie The Mist?     12/02/2015
I thought it was pretty good film.... More »
Re: Turkey Shoots down Russian Warplane     11/24/2015
...and then shoots the parachuting pilots on the way down.... More »

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