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Re: KFC's Secret Recipe revealed     08/25/2016
The Nashville chicken was good.  Carolina Gold will be out next.... More »
Re: Art or Trash??     08/18/2016
@TexasOma: Good grief, I dont give a flip about the tag.  I said font creation is full of talen... More »
Re: Art or Trash??     08/18/2016
@ET: Im not talking about the tag itself and agree nothing new in that image.  Font creation on... More »
Re: Art or Trash??     08/18/2016
@kmedina227: Lots of talent in font creation. ... More »
Re: Local Business Review - Exquisite Nails     08/18/2016
@SwimSwim:   Ate there two Sundays ago and yes it was bad... ... More »
Re: Art or Trash??     08/17/2016
Looks like a tagging party over on Evans digs...his moms house.... More »
Re: Got a question about uber?     08/16/2016
54 cents a business mile driven is the the standard deduction.  Do Uber drivers get the deduction?... More »
Re: The Lobster... a movie review     08/04/2016
Might need to check out Tusk...... [img] More »
Re: Wikileaks and Sanders     07/25/2016
Pretty stoked Bernie isnt going to be the next president.... More »
Re: Don't Stop!!!     07/25/2016
Band became one dimensional after Gregg Rolie left.... More »
Re: Wise Guys Pizza Permanently Closed     07/22/2016
Mechanical failures is code for management failure.... More »
Re: Wise Guys Pizza Permanently Closed     07/22/2016
I think the business hasnt ever made a profit...simply breaks even.  ... More »
Re: Ted Cruz boo     07/21/2016
... More »
Re: Ted Cruz boo     07/21/2016
I would have been disappointed if he had endorsed Trump.  ... More »
Military Coup in Turkey     07/15/2016
Military trying to get control of Turkey...happening now.... More »
Re: Upper Guadelupe     07/13/2016
Clear but not gin clear.  Pretty much all relative to depth.  Folks use canyon lake as a dive loca... More »
Re: Upper Guadelupe     07/12/2016
There is a low water crossing at Rebecca creek that will stop boats.  If you google earth the rebec... More »
Re: Classified Selling (humor)     07/07/2016
Almost as good as all the chem lab synth drugs on the front page of the classifieds.... More »
Re: Retire in the Hill Country     06/21/2016
Rebecca Creek in Spring Branch.... More »
Re: Texan Dodge....worst dealership on the planet     05/13/2016
@TXtransplant:   No, because a driver that spends 60 grand plus on a sports car shouldnt need ... More »

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