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Re: Bama     06/05/2015
I like women with curves, but no...., just no.... More »
Re: Misheard lyrics     06/05/2015
A long time ago..... "Sweet City Woman" by The Stampeders.  I could swear that middle word started ... More »
Re: Viagra for de wimmin folk....     06/05/2015
I understand that Viagra may also help some women.  It increases bloodflow to the private parts on ... More »
Re: @kdc     06/05/2015
@Fallon:  I don't mind the pits.  I just spit them out after I get the good stuff off.I still ... More »
Re: @kdc     06/05/2015
@beadweaver:  In order for Joe to see your post as a "Mention"  you need to use@kingwo... More »
Re: Texas Sawmill Festival     06/05/2015
I like watching those competitions on TV.  Not for the lumberjack's looks, but because of the stren... More »
Re: Adults on Bicycles     06/05/2015
My wife and I got bikes when our kids were young and had theirs.  We used to enjoy riding as a grou... More »
Re: Things I've noticed about TX     06/05/2015
@Francita:   In the first 5 years or so we lived here, we had two Mexican families, one black f... More »
Re: Things I've noticed about TX     06/05/2015
@Brat: I also yearn for the country life!  I love Kingwood, but I miss having room to stretch o... More »
Re: Who Changed My Username?     06/04/2015
@SumB:   OldPervert, OldP, they both apply to me!  ;P ... More »
Re: Does your UPS, USPS & Fed Ex person     06/04/2015
@topcat:   Same here.  ... More »
Re: Who Changed My Username?     06/04/2015
I had thought about changing my username to OldPervert but don't want to get banned or have Joe chan... More »
Re: So I'm walking..     06/04/2015
If you make it, someone will buy it!I like that it comes with a mold to get the proper segmented sha... More »
Re: Who Changed My Username?     06/04/2015
@SumB:  Did you email or use the KDC Personal Messaging (PM).  To access the PMs, click on the... More »
Re: Kdc box game     06/04/2015
I won $25 several times and won $50 once.... but that was over a year and a half ago.  It's been a ... More »
Re: Things I've noticed about TX     06/04/2015
My mother was from the northeast corner of Texas, so we were frequent visitors to that part of the s... More »
Re: Who Changed My Username?     06/04/2015
@SumB:  If you prefer a different username, let @kingwooddotcom know.  You can send Joe a PM u... More »
Re: Windows 10     06/04/2015
I have W8.1 and my wife has W7 I like to make my computer do what I want it to.  MicroSoft is gradu... More »
Re: Louisiana Hot Sauce     06/04/2015
@Heathur:  the "rooster" sauce is Sriracha and has become very popular.  I like it OK, but I w... More »
Re: Cali looking     06/04/2015
@MarT:   California is beautiful, but as they continue to draw down their water supplies, they... More »


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