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Re: Cheapest Whiskey     08/01/2015
@Ray:  Beware, on the lower left area of the label, it has a Best Before date of Dec 2012!Whisky ca... More »
Re: Main Laptop is now WIndows 10     08/01/2015
@Ray:  We normally use Firefox and installed AdBlock Plus.  It works pretty well. ... More »
Re: Main Laptop is now WIndows 10     08/01/2015
@TXSunDvl:  that's one of the things I'm curious about.  If all else fails, there's always Fir... More »
Re: Can't sleep because it's too dang hot in here!!     08/01/2015
@djchavez0921:  I eliminated that problem (and others) by just staying at a hotel when I go to ... More »
Re: Main Laptop is now WIndows 10     08/01/2015
My son went to Windows 10 and had only a couple of little minor issues that were quickly resolved. ... More »
Re: Oh hello     08/01/2015
Hey, Drekonix!   The real question is how are you?  KDC is doing good.  It's hotter than Hades d... More »
Re: Watermelons     08/01/2015
@squirtismyboy:  But they might grow a watermelon plant in my gut, or worse yet, hurt when I "p... More »
Re: Watermelons     08/01/2015
@bp2018:  I went through a phase where I didn't like the sloppiness and the seeds from eating w... More »
Re: Pretty Soon     07/31/2015
A little pumpkin goes a long way for me.  ... More »
Re: Watermelons     07/31/2015
Ah, the wonders of ancient crossbreeding and taking advantage of natural mutations.In the late 70s, ... More »
Re: Your prize will be     07/31/2015
I'll pass.  That's a lot more than toe knuckle hair!  However, I will offer to pressure wash those... More »
Re: My wife's amusing hotel experience!     07/31/2015
@GoldenGirl:Back in 1972, my wife and I were returning home from visiting my parents.  It w... More »
Re: My wife's amusing hotel experience!     07/30/2015
On our recent trip to Colorado, my friend and I were in eastern Colorado.  We called every hotel in... More »
Re: Shell to cut 6500 jobs     07/30/2015
I read that about 6,000 jobs would be in oil and gas production (Exploration & Production).  Th... More »
Re: My new Dell told me I had updates     07/30/2015
@BBQguy:  Hey, I will turn 60 in about a month and a half!   Anybody know where I can get a fu... More »
Re: RatFink, Welcome to!     07/29/2015
@RatFink:   Good old Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's creation!  I remember his cartoons from hot rod magazin... More »
Re: Windows 10 Reviewed: Microsoft Returns to Sanity     07/28/2015
I hated v 8 but I made v8.1 work.  They tried to make v8 work like a Tablet and it was nearly unusa... More »
Re: Is anyone here gonna be the brave one     07/27/2015
The roll-out of Windows 10 starts on the 29th but you don't control when you will get the upgrade fi... More »
Re: So what IS the story behind your user name here     07/27/2015
@klp1972:  You're only  a year older than me! ... More »
Re: So what IS the story behind your user name here     07/27/2015
@bp2018:   Are you from the future?!? ... More »


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