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Re: OK, fat boy back off to     11/14/2016
@ET:  I remembered but it just came back this week! ... More »
Re: Raising Cane's Opening In Kingwood     11/14/2016
I've never eaten at a Cane's.  My nephews in Baton Rouge rave about it and my daughter ate at one i... More »
Re: All I have to say....     11/14/2016
@mulmye:  @Fallon was correct in that I thought Ray's post was directed at me.  And you are co... More »
Re: Pentatonix     11/13/2016
My wife and daughter love them.  They saw them in concert last year.My daughter saw them in an airp... More »
All I have to say....     11/13/2016
... More »
Re: Does your spouse have your password?     11/13/2016
@podunk:  BEWARE!  You are treading on very thin ice there!  ;P ... More »
Re: Excellent point re: everyone wins     11/12/2016
@ET:  I wish that were true.  However, peace and tranquility do not make for good "news".  It... More »
Great words by a great man     11/12/2016
We can only hope to live up to his intentions for this country.Also, in Lincoln's 2nd inaugural addr... More »
Re: Philly Cheesesteak restaurant     11/12/2016
@farrell:  Let me guess.... autocorrect? ... More »
Re: 7 year old kicked out of house for voting Trump at school.     11/12/2016
I hope that house gets a visit from CPS.  Any mother that would do that to a 7 year old needs to be... More »
Re: Philly Cheesesteak restaurant     11/12/2016
When I passed by it last week, I thought it looked dark inside!... More »
Re: No reason to protest?     11/12/2016
@deltadawn: YAY!  I'm a 2%'er! ... More »
Re: Does your spouse have your password?     11/12/2016
I made the mistake one time of looking in my wife's purse.  I was looking for something I thought s... More »
Re: Favorite soups     11/11/2016
@Champagnechola:  Tofu is a stretch, but I wouldn't object to trying tofu in a gumbo.    ;)M... More »
Re: Isn't time to get rid of it?     11/11/2016
@fudgiesmom2:  Your vote counts as much as everyone else's vote. The Presidential election is t... More »
Re: Politico: Why the electoral college is important     11/11/2016
@ALetterToElise: It was over when Trump got 270+ electoral votes.  No matter what the resul... More »
Re: Politico: Why the electoral college is important     11/10/2016
@ALetterToElise:  I used to be against the Electoral College even though many people tried to e... More »
Re: Favorite soups     11/10/2016
@Champagnechola:  Anyone that tells you that gumbo has one and only one specific recipe/ingredi... More »
Re: Versus     11/10/2016
@ET: I thought about that, but BOOBS deserves a specific mention!  In case you didn't know, I L... More »
Re: Versus     11/10/2016
@ET:  I'm ready to get back to the core of this message board:     - information about the ... More »

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