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Re: Where did this wind come from?     08/11/2015
@angiekaye:  Unless more rainclouds develop behind this line, it doesn't look like we'll get mu... More »
Re: A "Wet Nurse"?     08/11/2015
Nursing a child is a wonderful, natural thing and you used to be able to hire wet-nurses if the moth... More »
Re: Well, while I'm off work...     08/11/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt:  I remember that place.  Good food!  Sorry to heat that they clos... More »
Re: Crazy warning labels...     08/11/2015
When we had our roof replaced, several of the roofers kept roofing nails in their mouths with the he... More »
Re: Nathaniel Center's Inaugural BBQ Cook-Off     08/11/2015
@kingwooddotcom:  If he's interested, you could sponsor @BBQguy and put up a banner at his cooking ... More »
Re: @RetiredEngineer - Update on Duke?     08/11/2015
@sweetie:  Duke is showing no signs of aggression.  He's just very persistent in wanting to pl... More »
Re: What the bleepity bleepin' bleep??     08/11/2015
@aggiebutterfly:  Maybe it's HOW FAR he stuck his finger Iin the 4 yo's ear. ... More »
Re: Windows 10     08/11/2015
I've upgraded my W8.1 and my wife's W7 PCs.  The upgrades both went fine.  We had a few minor twee... More »
Re: What the bleepity bleepin' bleep??     08/11/2015
Look at the other photos in that link to see some more scumbags.  It just shows their pic and a bri... More »
Re: Crazy warning labels...     08/11/2015
@FoFa:  I hope Parker reads the part about "Take 1 tablet daily".  You know dogs......  ... More »
Re: Who likes Cheesecake?     08/11/2015
The Japanese pride themselves on being weird and doing really unusual things.  Their gross level fo... More »
Re: AC acting up....ummm NO...not on my watch     08/11/2015
@donnatella:  Good luck getting it fixed quickly!... More »
Re: Women's Rights Quiz     08/11/2015
I was a youngster in the 60s and didn't remember that it was still like that for women.... More »
Re: Well this is one way to get a raise     08/11/2015
@Ebola:  I think the garden boy gets plenty of raises. ... More »
Re: Facebook friends impacting your credit?     08/10/2015
Uh-oh,  I need to unfriend some of you!  ;P... More »
Re: The House Call is Making a Comeback     08/10/2015
This could open up a whole new field for nurse practitioners and Physicians Assistants.  It also ju... More »
Re: How do you dress     08/10/2015
@alecktra:  I like to stand near the entrances of stores.  We all know what happens when a wom... More »
Re: @RetiredEngineer - Update on Duke?     08/10/2015
As promised, here are some pictures of Duke.This is when we first got him home and introduced him to... More »
Re: @RetiredEngineer - Update on Duke?     08/10/2015
@Fallon:  Yeah, we didn't meet her.  The guy was very nice.  They also just got a permit to h... More »
Re: @RetiredEngineer - Update on Duke?     08/10/2015
@tatertot58:   Well, it was more of a case of his wife not wanting Duke.  The foster dad was t... More »


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