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Re: Stomach Virus     09/28/2016
Sorry to hear your family went through this.  Unfortunately, once one member gets it, it usually hi... More »
Re: Great, just great...LET THE DOME GO!!     09/27/2016
$105,000,000 for 1,400 parking spaces = $75,000/spaceWe are already spending almost $200,000/year ju... More »
Re: Great, just great...LET THE DOME GO!!     09/27/2016
@frebu: I can easily see the total cost for this project doubling or tripling.  Yes, it wil... More »
Re: Great, just great...LET THE DOME GO!!     09/27/2016
I'm going to make a point of voting against all of the elected officials that want to spend OUR mone... More »
Re: First taste from Torchy's     09/27/2016
I want/need some NOOKIE real bad, but I can't have any until I'm healed or better.  I don't think I... More »
Re: Third doctor!     09/27/2016
@Nope:  I haven't been on any antibiotics since my surgery in May.  I do get an injection of D... More »
Re: I am doing almost 2 gallons a DAY!!!     09/27/2016
@Ray:  Your picture didn't show.  This thread definitely needs a couple of pictures!... More »
Re: Moles in my yard!!     09/27/2016
I can't believe no one has taken a clue from the movie Caddyshack and mentioned explosives!!  Even ... More »
Re: Any one watch any of the new shows     09/27/2016
@mutton:  That's the only one I had any interest in.  We recorded it to watch later.I'm old en... More »
Re: Debate...and the winner was:     09/27/2016
@jax:  I didn't watch either.  The debates are meaningless.  I've heard all I want to hear from b... More »
Re: Third doctor!     09/27/2016
@WskyTngoFxtrt:  Again, possible but not likely.  My wife has washed the bed linens every nigh... More »
Re: Third doctor!     09/27/2016
@Humble Mommy: It's possible but not likely.  The descriptions only have a couple of similariti... More »
Re: Third doctor!     09/27/2016
@Andreweggplant:  I was just reading that doctors sometimes prescribe Valtrex for Herpes Simple... More »
Re: Third doctor!     09/27/2016
@TEXASGIRLMAMMA:  So far, there are no bumps on my torso.  The bumps swell up but do not have ... More »
Third doctor!     09/27/2016
I just saw a dermatologist about these bumps all over me.  My PCP initially thought it was either s... More »
Re: Trouble at KHS dance last Sat.?     09/26/2016
If it's true, I'm wondering what steps parents will take to avoid a similar situation.... More »
Re: "Taking Fire" on Discovery Channel     09/25/2016
I have them recorded to watch later.... More »
Re: Chicken Pox?!?     09/22/2016
@ProblemAgain:  Ummm..... thanks?   :puke: ... More »
Re: Westerns     09/22/2016
How could I forget:Blazing SaddlesThe Quick and the DeadAny western with Sam Elliott or Tom Selleck ... More »
Re: Gas stations in Kingwood     09/22/2016
I noticed the gas stations had no price signs when we first moved here.  The Real Estate Agent told... More »

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