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Re: DYING of embarrassment     09/07/2016
At the refineries and chemical plants where I worked, they had put only a "men's" bathroom in contro... More »
Re: A Wife WTF moment     09/07/2016
@FoFa:  We take turns hogging the kitchen table.  Usually the wife uses it for storage, but oc... More »
Re: new here     09/06/2016
@RubyBlaze:  Welcome!   ... More »
Re: TNT Tree Service     09/05/2016
TNT is my go-to tree service!  I first used them because I won a free tree trimming in a KDC contes... More »
Re: insufferability rating     09/05/2016
@jax: When I went to LA Tech, there were a number of females going there, not for an education, ... More »
Re: insufferability rating     09/05/2016
@allymansfield:  I get college football more than pro football.  Grown men playing a game for ... More »
Re: 60% Rain Chance But No 90s Today     09/05/2016
Lots of thunder and darkness in Greentree, but no rain..... yet.... More »
Re: Top hit single when I was born     09/04/2016
The Yellow Rose of Texas by Mitch Miller!... More »
Re: what things that have disappeared since your childhood...     09/04/2016
@cgm10sne1:  Buckskin Bill says "Baton Rouge needs a zoo!"  and they eventually got it, in Bak... More »
Re: Top hit single when I was born     09/04/2016
Beating on a hollow tree with a club.  ;P... More »
Re: So, who is going to Open Mic at Skero's tonight?     09/03/2016
@cgm10sne1: As much as we'd like to, we'll be watching college football! ... More »
Re: UH. OU. GAME     09/03/2016
Yep!... More »
Re: Houston radio legend Jim Pruett dies     09/03/2016
Stevens and Pruett moved around a lot.  I first heard them in New Orleans.  Then they went to Dall... More »
Re: o words     09/01/2016
Ray, you find the weirdest stuff!  My question is.... Once she gets them moving, how long until the... More »
Re: Shell Fuel Rewards     09/01/2016
No, but we get points from Kroger for discounts on Shell gasoline.... More »
Re: Drug Bust In Kingwood     09/01/2016
Marijuanna WILL be legalized.  It's only a matter of time.  I don't use it, but it's time to reali... More »
Re: Generations     09/01/2016
During discussions like this, it's good to remember the following quote:"The children now love luxur... More »
Re: Amazon food delivery     09/01/2016
My son recently received a box from Amazon that contained soft drinks and snacks that are hard to fi... More »
Re: College football starts tonight     09/01/2016
Finally!!!  Pro football usually puts me to sleep.... More »
Re: Generations     09/01/2016
@CantStandTex:  Yeah, when My Space and Facebook was new, only youngsters jumped on it. &nb... More »

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