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Re: 90-year-old charged after reporting theft from alleged prostitute     08/07/2016
This thread reminds me of a movie we recently watched on Amazon Prime.....Stand Up Guyswith Al Pacin... More »
Re: To you, what defines a...     08/07/2016
@BooBear: So you don't like "Children of the Corn"?  I recently watched the remake and it was e... More »
Re: To you, what defines a...     08/07/2016
@DanStanton:   That's it.  Thanks! ... More »
Re: To you, what defines a...     08/06/2016
@ProblemAgain:  Yes, from the future.BTW, I still think of Jamie Lee Curtis as the hot scream q... More »
Re: Global Warming goes Nuclear     08/06/2016
They called it Global Warming until recent data indicated otherwise, so they now call it Climate Cha... More »
Re: I need this in my life asap     08/06/2016
After Reese's cups, my favorite was Elmer's Gold Brick Egg.... chocolate with pecan pieces in it!... More »
Re: The New Normal When Dealing With Police     08/06/2016
@friday1:  Actually, you are not under arrest when pulled over, but you are being DETAINED.  E... More »
Re: To you, what defines a...     08/06/2016
After my first Dracula movie, I kept a sharpened stick next to my bed for several months.... More »
Re: To you, what defines a...     08/06/2016
Remember when horror movies advertised that a medic would be available during all shows?The BlobThe ... More »
Re: Angles of Mercy     08/05/2016
@ET:  I though it was dangle of the angle?!?  Anyway, I think about it a lot!  I don't get wh... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner!     08/05/2016
Alright!@GoldenGirl - congrats!@kingwooddotcom - Thanks for another good contest!Cilantro's Mexican ... More »
Re: Angles of Mercy     08/05/2016
When I first read the thread title, I thought it was about geometry.  My favorite has always been a... More »
Re: Howdy Kingwood Neighbors     08/05/2016
Welcome to KDC!... More »
Re: tooth infection /dentist question     08/05/2016
Dental infections are serious stuff.Since my wife had her right knee replaced several years ago, she... More »
Re: A/C help please:)     08/04/2016
@TXtransplant:  When one of my A/C pans was full a month or so ago, the A/C repairman used a de... More »
Re: I just don't like either one of them!     08/02/2016
[youtube][/youtube] More »
Re: Going to be a long day.     08/02/2016
Same for me.  I got maybe 4 hours of sleep.  I suspect a nap will happen later today!... More »
Re: That "WICKED" TV Commercial!     07/31/2016
@BooBear:   How much wine had you consumed before breking into song?  ;P ... More »
Re: How do we report a problem with a user.     07/31/2016
@Khoutx:  Best wishes to your parents and to you.  It's not easy taking care of very sick loved ... More »
Re: That "WICKED" TV Commercial!     07/31/2016
@ET:  Well, which is it?  Don't tease me with nekkid boobs and then replace them with dogs!We ... More »

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