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Re: Not a perfect match but who cares     08/18/2015
??????... More »
Re: OH MY GOD!! Tropical depression forms in the Atlantic, moves west toward Caribbean     08/18/2015
It's time to PANIC!!!  :wink:it's a long way off and there is no telling where it will go.  The ni... More »
Re: 2 choices on a lighthouse.... you tell me which one you like     08/17/2015
Normally, I prefer things to be in sharp focus.  The cloudy one is in sharper focus but the dep... More »
Re: Jury Duty     08/17/2015
Pics of "The Donald's" hair:He does have a little hair on top, but look at the length it has to grow... More »
Re: Jury Duty     08/17/2015
@SandyKnee:  I think it's a combination of front, back, and both sides. I'll bet his person... More »
Re: Withdrawal Coming to and End....     08/17/2015
@foxymama:  I do like a taste every once in a while, but, yes, we rarely buy ice cream anyway. ... More »
Re: 14% increase fatalities blamed on BBQ     08/17/2015
So, fewer people would die if we have higher unemployment?!?... More »
Re: Jury Duty     08/17/2015
I still laugh every time I see his hair!  :laugh:... More »
Re: Kingwood Radio Station     08/17/2015
@BooBear:   I think you're using too much oil!  ;P ... More »
Re: Feedback on any of these dentists?     08/17/2015
I fired Rhonda Bollman for doing a horrible job on an extraction and then her front office screwed u... More »
Re: Kingwood Radio Station     08/17/2015
@BooBear:   Bring the silk sheets!  I love how silk feels on my naked body! ... More »
Re: Withdrawal Coming to and End....     08/17/2015
They lost me as a customer when I found out how long they knew they had a problem before they pulled... More »
Re: The Clintons     08/17/2015
@buffaloglenn:   She learned that a white/cream colored dress hides the evidence better. ... More »
Re: People suck!!     08/17/2015
Along this same theme, here is a sea turtle that has a plastic straw stuck completely up its nose an... More »
Re: Woman in a Man's World     08/16/2015
I need to find that picture of @FoFa in a black dress.  He looked pretty good in it!... More »
Re: Amazon     08/16/2015
I have Amazon Prime and love it.  Still get items qualified for Prime in two days with no shipping ... More »
Re: Idiot is lucky he didn't get worse     08/16/2015
@SandyKnee:  Sorry you watched that.  Some of the other videos at the end can be surprising. ... More »
Re: ...and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering     08/16/2015
I'm still wondering what the heck this thread is about.  ... More »
Re: ~ Hillary Clinton's Rapidly Evolving E-Mail Scandal     08/16/2015
Obama doesn't like Hillary so he's going to pull some strings and push the email investigation. Mayb... More »
Re: Guys, We rest our case.     08/16/2015
Nah, mate.  She just made it more challenging for you!... More »


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