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Re: Hisd really??     06/26/2015
@Grimmie:   Individuals and groups can still fly the rebel flag.  It shouldn't be flown on gov... More »
Re: Hisd really??     06/25/2015
The rebel flag will always be around, just like the Nazi Swastika.  People are free to express them... More »
Re: 14 hour days the last two     06/25/2015
@Nurse3: Get some rest and hopefully things will ease up soon. ... More »
Re: Naked     06/25/2015
@donnatella:  I am so conflicted.  They are boobs (drool), but they are hairy!  I think I'll ... More »
Re: Naked     06/25/2015
@donnatella:  I certainly hope you're right! p.s.  You know what happens when you lic... More »
Re: Hisd really??     06/25/2015
The Confederacy also recognized that slavery was coming to an end.  The Confederate Constitution sp... More »
Re: Hisd really??     06/25/2015
We also need to remember that the south LOST the war.  We were very fortunate that Lincoln was more... More »
Re: I had my first smoothie today!     06/25/2015
@BBQguy:  Most smoothies are also loaded with various types of sugar and/or corn syrup.  You w... More »
Re: Hisd really??     06/25/2015
@BooBear:  History revisionists have also placed incorrect emphasis on the so-called rebel flag... More »
Re: At home daycares?     06/25/2015
My daughter worked at Primrose while she was getting her teaching certificate.    She really liked... More »
Re: Hisd really??     06/25/2015
You can blame revisionist history, political correctness, and the BS of people feeling offended by e... More »
Re: OMG, I need a drink!!! (Peaches!!!!)     06/25/2015
@donnatella:  Make her a batch of ex-lax brownies and give them to her as she heads out the door.... More »
Re: My Car is Not my Friend     06/25/2015
When growing up, my parents were Oldsmobile and Chevrolet (truck) people.  My first car was an Olds... More »
Re: My Car is Not my Friend     06/25/2015
@djohn78:   Then you must not be talking to it right.  You probably got a "female" car.  You ... More »
Re: New Hummingbird Species     06/25/2015
I've seen hummingbirds poop while they fly.  I DO NOT want to be under THAT one when it poops!... More »
Re: She's a keeper!     06/25/2015
I can spend hours in a gun/sports store, a hardware store, and even a cooking utensils store, but I ... More »
Re: Small public restrooms     06/25/2015
One summer in college, I worked as a security guard.  I worked in the back of armored cars, securit... More »
Re: Brush with "Greatness"     06/25/2015
@foxymama:  I had an uncle that was a Delhomme.  His family owned a plantation in what is now ... More »
Re: Brush with "Greatness"     06/25/2015
@RobinZander:   Good ole Gilberd!  He was a bit older than me but we did share a few pints whi... More »
Re: Home Security Solicitation     06/24/2015
@486Justin stated this on the recent thread about door-to-door solicitation:Kingwood deed restrictio... More »


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