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Re: Tree fell on n.park     06/30/2015
Just passed there.  The tree is in the left lane when going east.  There are a few traffic cones a... More »
Re: car insurance     06/30/2015
State Farm, Toyota Avalon, Toyota Tacoma, both paid off,  full coverage, $500 deductible, $120/mont... More »
Re: Japan, WTF     06/29/2015
But, the Japanese are not deep-frying Big Macs!... More »
Re: Japan, WTF     06/29/2015
The Japanese do some very weird stuff!... More »
Re: Thursday's Contest Winner!!     06/29/2015
@radiogirl30:   Send a PM to kingwooddotcom and someone will get in touch with you. ... More »
Re: Hey BBQ guy     06/28/2015
I prefer rabbit over squirrel, but both are good when cooked well.... More »
Re: Small icons next to the mail icon     06/28/2015
@yankeejessica: Would it matter? ... More »
Re: I was hoping the wedding would put him in a good mood     06/28/2015
Yep, our Joe got hitched today!... More »
Re: Small icons next to the mail icon     06/28/2015
I noticed a stage coach, a church, and several that have already been mentioned.  @kingwooddotcom:... More »
Re: Junk Mail......     06/28/2015
@MarT:  Same here.  That's why I would be very happy with getting mail delivers only three tim... More »
Re: Prickly Peppers Purged     06/28/2015
My father grew some of those.  He called them Peter Peppers.  ... More »
Re: Odin     06/28/2015
Fractionated coconut oil has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.  It can stay stored for ... More »
Re: Had the PERFECT lazy relaxing day     06/27/2015
I'm glad that you're off to a good start!... More »
Re: Migraine with Aura     06/27/2015
I used to have stress migraines and I got extremely sensitive to light and sound.... More »
Re: Skin question     06/27/2015
@topcat:  I just recently got some coconut oil and it is fantastic!  My wife loves it when I g... More »
Re: So I've been out of the loop lately...     06/27/2015
@Brat:  Confederate/rebel flag thread More »
Re: Windows 10 coming in 3 days     06/26/2015
@Odin:  Thanks for the info.  The note that most people are getting allows you to reserve a co... More »
Re: Something to make me giggle     06/26/2015
Hey, she's picking prickly pears, but where are the pricks?Cuing the women in 3, 2, 1.......... More »
Re: Something to make me giggle     06/26/2015
Every parent can relate!I think I'm going to try that first one!... More »


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