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Re: What did you expect to happen it's a rattlesnake !     08/29/2015
Unfortunately, these guys will live and breed more little morons.   Nature usually weeds out the w... More »
Re: Great Cajun Food     08/29/2015
@herron1345:  Yes, they are interchangeable (except for @Ray  ;P )   When my fiance Debbie t... More »
Re: Great Cajun Food     08/29/2015
@herron1345:   p.s.  While there are some Cajuns in Alexandria, when we were young, we called... More »
Re: Great Cajun Food     08/29/2015
@herron1345:  OK, this is not really a simple question to answer.  "Cajun" is a shortened vers... More »
Re: Great Cajun Food     08/29/2015
@Fallon: When we ate at Cafe Rian, I asked the waitress where the owners lived in LA, and she sa... More »
Re: Guy fieri     08/29/2015
@Mahm:  Yeah, I liked how he used simple props to explain what was happening during the differe... More »
Re: Great Cajun Food     08/29/2015
Are you affiliated with this restaurant? This sounds more like an ad than a recommendation.We've dis... More »
Re: Guy fieri     08/29/2015
@donnatella:  Both the Galloping Gourmet and Paul Prudhomme came out with a series of shows tha... More »
Re: A Harris County deputy..     08/29/2015
@Stealth83:  It's a$$holes like those in that webpage that want to start a race war that are di... More »
Re: how do you feel about Mazdas?     08/29/2015
We've been Toyota fans for a long time.  When we started having kids, we bought a Chevy Astro van, ... More »
Re: Guy fieri     08/29/2015
@Chrisinkingwood:   I agree.  I loved when we first got the Food Channel, but it got old quick... More »
Re: Cow vs. Sheep     08/28/2015
@FoFa:  Cows usually like to get close and "fence" with their horns.  If they bump skulls, it'... More »
Re: Meat Pie???     08/28/2015
@ForeCPA90: Thanks for the clarification!  I think I would prefer the hot Scotch pies over the ... More »
Re: Guy fieri     08/28/2015
I used to really like Guy and Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives but he has gotten ridiculous with his ina... More »
Re: Meat Pie???     08/28/2015
@ForeCPA90: This pic is a different type of meat pie than the ones in the OP.  I've watched the... More »
Re: Now this is a school form I wouldn't mind filling out!     08/28/2015
I only let our kids sell stuff to the people we know.    On the other hand, I only buy from the c... More »
Re: Meat Pie???     08/28/2015
@brightlights:  Yes, my mother was from NE Texas (Hughes Springs, Daingerfield, etc) and whenev... More »
Re: Meat Pie???     08/28/2015
@brightlights:  Agreed.  Meat pies were not commomn in south LA, and I had my first at a frien... More »
Re: Contest Prizes     08/28/2015
Joe has paid for many of the gift cards himself and doesn't get enough credit for the contests or th... More »
Re: Mexico warns Texas not to refuse its' immigrant babies birth certificates     08/28/2015
@sweetie:  I actually don't care that they send the money earned in the US back to Mexico.  Be... More »


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