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Re: Fence contractors     07/22/2015
I used Prime Lawn.  They did a good job but they are expensive.... More »
Re: He wont let me out of his sight     07/22/2015
When the kids were young, the entire family would follow me to the bathroom.  It was like a family ... More »
Re: Food dehydrator     07/22/2015
I've been thinking about getting a food dehydrator.... More »
Re: Now that the Bland video is out...     07/22/2015
The media loves to stir up shnit.... More »
Re: Centurylink trying to scam me on the ETF.     07/22/2015
By saying they "may" waive the ETF, that probably means they won't.  Sorry for your aggravation!... More »
Re: Dirty Juicy Burgers     07/22/2015
I love burgers and I love peanut butter, but I don't think I'll like the combo.... More »
Re: My Meat     07/22/2015
I was hoping this would be another meat flinging thread!I love the roast beef sandwich at Jason's De... More »
Re: The Curry House     07/22/2015
I got a flyer in the mail about a week ago.  The menu and pictures of food looked really good. ... More »
Re: Can You Help Identify This Man     07/22/2015
At least we know it wasn't @Ray. ... More »
Re: YETI Coolers     07/22/2015
Our guide up in Colorado used a cooler he said worked as well as a Yeti but was a lot less expensive... More »
Re: Political Candidates     07/22/2015
I read that there are now 16 people running for the Republican candidate.  The Dems are just sittin... More »
Re: OMG! There truly are no words....     07/22/2015
I'm usually pretty regular but I often had to poop at work.  We had those azz-gasket tissue things.... More »
Re: Now that the Bland video is out...     07/22/2015
@donnatella:   I still don't understand why the officer asked her to step out of the car.  Did... More »
Re: 100+ consecutive days eating @ Chipotle     07/22/2015
@BBQguy:  Me too, but I limit them to once every month or so.  I only eat one biscuit, some re... More »
Re: What did everyone do for National Ice Cream day?     07/21/2015
Mmmmm. Ice cream!  I would even settle for some sorbet!... More »
Re: Anyone notice how ridiculously hot it's getting?     07/21/2015
It was two (maybe three) years ago the EVERY DAY IN AUGUST WAS 100F or higher.  :sweat:... More »
Re: Starting some Kingwood rivalry...     07/21/2015
ALL of the Kingwood villages are good.... More »
Re: WTH????     07/21/2015
@donnatella:  Heaven,  I'm in HeavenAnd my heart beats so that I can hardly speakAnd I... More »
Re: WTH????     07/21/2015
@Sparkles:  It usually takes a little visual or physical stimulation for meat to firm up.  Of ... More »


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