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Re: Dental Implants - HELP!     09/30/2015
@Fallon: Most dentists push the most expensive options.  Every dentist I've tried over the past... More »
Re: Trump's Tax Plan     09/29/2015
It's all a moot point.  The President does not define the income tax rate.  The IRS presents a inc... More »
Re: I find this behavior so ...     09/29/2015
When a married person dies, typically everything they own is considered shared assets and their debt... More »
Re: Suddenlink - router issues     09/29/2015
@rugburn: I've always purchased my own router, but I just recently bought my own cable modem.  ... More »
Re: Suddenlink - router issues     09/29/2015
One issue we discovered was in the settings for our router.  It worked fine until our son moved bac... More »
Re: who is going out of town for thankgiving     09/29/2015
@BBQguy:  I was wondering how a 2 year old thread was brought up.  I thought they were automat... More »
Re: Vegans storm a steakhouse!     09/29/2015
As I watched that, I would have started chanting "MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT"... More »
Re: Blood and Oil     09/28/2015
@Kraz2014:  Geography means nothing to Hollywood or TV people.  They move things around as the... More »
Re: Rain     09/28/2015
I love the rain.  Looks like we'll see some all week.... More »
Re: Blood and Oil     09/28/2015
@donnatella:  I stopped watching CSI when Grissom left.  I need to check out the other new sho... More »
Re: Drunk driver crashed into Kingwood home.     09/27/2015
I assume the vehicle was still drivable and the driver took off?... More »
Super Fast Camera     09/27/2015
This new camera can capture the speed of light.  Very amazing. More »
Re: Lawn Sprinkler Repair     09/27/2015
I've also used Curtis and I second this recommendation.... More »
Re: Darwin Award winner but man, is she hot!!!     09/27/2015
It's a good thing most criminals are very stupid!  As for the woman, looking at her companion, ... More »
Re: Need sod, top soil, and sidewalk installed     09/27/2015
Prime lawn totally redid my front yard grass and landscaping.  I never could get the grass to stay ... More »
Re: What you want to do today during recess?     09/27/2015
@Jill52: Add climbing trees, shooting arrows with bows, making jump ramps for our bicycles, etc.... More »
Re: What you want to do today during recess?     09/26/2015
I was lucky in that our street was paved about the same time I learned to ride a bicycle.  We had l... More »
John Boehner resigns!     09/25/2015
He just announced he is resigning at the end of October.... More »
Re: Hello     09/24/2015
@GoldenGirl: ... More »
Re: My Android Peeps     09/24/2015
I had an Android update about a month ago to my phone and to my tablet.  I have three different... More »


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