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Re: These ones     08/16/2016
@podunk: "Them there" is perfectly acceptable in Texas.   ;P ... More »
Re: When was the last time you took a bath?     08/15/2016
We have a tub with water/air jets but it rarely gets used.  It's becoming difficult to get out of, ... More »
Re: Ouch, our COH water bill hit     08/15/2016
My water bill was about $250.  I had the sprinklers on every day.  I have two water meters:  one ... More »
Re: How long have y'all been in Kingwood?     08/15/2016
23 1/2 years... More »
Re: Trump     08/15/2016
@notfromhere: I agree that either Trump or Hillary will NOT be good for this country. Hilla... More »
Re: Kids and vaccines     08/14/2016
@mutton:  I'm sure Perry was financialy "assisted" by the vaccine's pharmaceutical company. I f... More »
Re: Biggest boobs in US lives in Kingwood     08/14/2016
Like someone else said, if a woman is flat chested or has saggy breast, a reasonable enhancement is ... More »
Re: Biggest boobs in US lives in Kingwood     08/14/2016
@Fallon:  The name of the show is "Botched" and they have expanded it to "Botched by Nature... More »
Re: Im in BFE     08/13/2016
@friday1:  I knew what BFE stood for.  I was asking about how it originated.  @ET gave as goo... More »
Re: Im in BFE     08/13/2016
I think everyone knows what BFE means, but how did that expression originate?  Google wasn't much h... More »
Re: Rain     08/13/2016
I just got word that one of my nephews in LA has 10 inches of water in his house.  They live outsid... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner!     08/12/2016
Congrats to @mdizzle and a big thanks to KDC!!!... More »
Re: Rain     08/12/2016
Looking at the recent radar, it appears the rain is moving to the east instead of the west.  Time w... More »
Re: Obama/DOJ trying to put gunsmiths out of work     08/12/2016
Trying to post hyperlink again from above note More »
Obama/DOJ trying to put gunsmiths out of work     08/12/2016
New rules from the DOJ, will consider most gunsmiths the same as gun manufacturers.  In order for g... More »
Re: Rain     08/12/2016
@Chrisinkingwood:  Yeah, I think that would be called a tropical disturbance.  It's upper half... More »
Re: Time to make the donuts     08/12/2016
@donnatella:  I knew what you were meaning right away.  ;PMy first thought when I saw ... More »
Re: Hunting in pink camo     08/12/2016
@donnatella:  That's fine and I can respect that. You don't hunt because you don't NEED to hunt... More »
Re: Momma I'm Coming Home     08/12/2016
My son (a teacher) was renting a room from a friend that owned a house.  When his friend got marrie... More »
Re: Car laptop charger     08/12/2016
@Nurse3:  Have a good, safe trip! ... More »

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