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Re: 10 years??     08/21/2015
They obviously did a very thorough job of investigating him.   With all the evidence against him, ... More »
Re: And the winner is, Karma     08/21/2015
Gee, I wonder if Sean hired the guy?  :smile2:... More »
Re: Ashley Madison names leaked     08/21/2015
@rugburn:  Retired for 7 years and I'm losing my edge! ... More »
Re: conversation with my daughter..     08/20/2015
@BooBear:  Those aren't "juice things",  they are "milk things".Every dog my wife and I had (until... More »
Re: FREE Chick-fil-A Breakfast     08/20/2015
@foxymama:   I agree about their grilled nuggets.  Their spicy chicken sandwich is also good. ... More »
Re: Well would ya look at that!     08/20/2015
I've had no problems with UPS and FedEx, but the USPS regulary makes mistakes.I just remembered that... More »
Re: Now he admits it..     08/20/2015
@beadweaver:  Bruce/Caitlyn now has the advantage of being a celebrity and a spokesperson for s... More »
Re: Did you wipe the server clean?     08/20/2015
This is the video that originated the OP.  She acts dumb about "wiping the server" but she was smar... More »
Re: Vote for President 2016     08/20/2015
Wow.... More »
Re: Sex Talk...     08/20/2015
@green516:  Just stick with the basics at that age:  Babies grow inside their mothers, etc.  ... More »
Re: Now he admits it..     08/20/2015
@mm4731:  Bruce no longer exists. She is now Caitlyn and along with the Kardashians, I'm just s... More »
Re: Sex Talk...     08/20/2015
@mm4731:   I thought for sure that your recommendation would be to show them a porn video!  ;... More »
Re: Now he admits it..     08/20/2015
His name, Jarod's, and the Kardashians are names that should never be spoken in public again.  I'm ... More »
Re: Sex Talk...     08/20/2015
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books on this very subject.  Read a couple and then do wha... More »
Re: New Orleans Says "Thank you!" to Houston     08/20/2015
@JerryJustice:  Yes, the crime rate did go up, but we cannot blame that just on the Katrina eva... More »
Re: "famous" Louisiana treats?     08/20/2015
Pecan Pralines DROOL... another delicious thing that I can't have!  Although I might break off a li... More »
Re: ** SCAM ALERT, Peeps ** THIS IS NOT A DRILL     08/20/2015
This was popular with convicts in prison years ago.  Now, they just smuggle cell phones and charger... More »
Re: Well would ya look at that!     08/20/2015
The two times I complained, I went to the USPS website and emailed the US Postmaster.  Things got b... More »
Re: I absolutely LOVE     08/20/2015
@PedroDePacas:  True, except his OWN BS! ... More »
Re: President of US     08/20/2015
@FoFa:  It should be someone very familiar with emissions, so we have YOU, @Ray, @BBQguy, and M... More »


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