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Re: what is this, and...     10/24/2015
Try dragging it to the left.... More »
Re: what is this, and...     10/24/2015
@BooBear:  Can you be more specific or add a picture?    ;PMy mind went haywire j... More »
Re: New trend in funerals is kind of creepy     10/24/2015
@fcabanski:  Yep, the deceased was usually dressed and laid out on the dining room table that h... More »
Re: New trend in funerals is kind of creepy     10/24/2015
I also don't care for this new trend, but I never cared for the open casket wakes/viewing.  NO ONE ... More »
Re: Kingwood Prepper's Meet up     10/23/2015
I enjoy reading post-apocalyptic books.  I enjoy reading what can happen and how people react, or f... More »
Re: Woman Shoots Veterinarian After He Refuses To Do Sex Re-Assignment Surgery On Her Dog     10/23/2015
@Ray:  You've been looking into the really dark side of the internet!  Come back towards the light... More »
Re: Weekend Storm     10/23/2015
@donnatella:  Very true.  The winds from Hurricane Patricia will weaken as it travels into Mex... More »
Re: Spelling Nazi's where are they when you need them?     10/23/2015
@FoFa: That's the worst one!  It's not even close.  Well, I guess it depends on what part of t... More »
Re: Is prostate growth a big problem?     10/22/2015
I had a doctor tell me when I was much younger that I could avoid prostate problems later in life by... More »
Re: Is prostate growth a big problem?     10/22/2015
@shodan66:  I am sick of those commercials from Big Pharma!  I also love how they list all of ... More »
Re: Cheers y'all. It's the weekend     10/22/2015
@donnatella:  You got cheated!  the two on the right are empty!... More »
Re: Early Voting     10/22/2015
@thegoodwife:  I believe that you have to go to the early voting place assigned for your precin... More »
Re: Thank you, post lady     10/22/2015
@Annie:  After never receiving packages delivered through the USPS, I will pay extra to have th... More »
Re: Early Voting     10/22/2015
@ctl74:  Yes, anyone eligible to vote can vote early here in Texas.  Some states limit it to t... More »
Re: How much data with gps?     10/22/2015
When traveling far, GPS devices are better than phones.  Phones use up a lot of memory and you coul... More »
Re: KDC Posting Contest - 10/22/15 - $25 Outback     10/22/2015
@kingwooddotcom:  You, this forum, and your contests rule!  Thanks!... More »
Re: Prayers and positive thoughts     10/22/2015
Sending positive thoughts!... More »
Re: Frustrated and venting     10/21/2015
@mm4731: I was thinking handfuls of rock salt. ... More »
Re: State prop 1     10/21/2015
@friday1: While it does increase your homestead exemption, the way house appraisals have been go... More »
Re: An Email to a Parent for a Tardy During the Day?     10/21/2015
As we become increasingly electronically connected, we are going to get more "automated messages". ... More »


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