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Re: FOfa!!! Izzat you????     08/27/2015
Bree was too embarrassed to go with him.... More »
Re: Crazy way health insurance pays providers     08/27/2015
@Stealth83:  Agreed.  Without insurance between you and the medical provider, you could be pay... More »
Re: Jan went out today     08/27/2015
@Ray:  How often do you let her out of the dungeon?  You don't want to spoil her!  ;P... More »
Re: Guilty Pleasure Food     08/27/2015
I'm not a big corn dog fan.  However,  every once in a while, who can resist that combination of a... More »
Re: It's supposed to be a tail but....     08/26/2015
@RogueHippEE:   Your pic is not showing. ... More »
Re: KDC Posting Contest - 8/25/15 - $25 Maxi Clean     08/26/2015
Thanks to KDC for another contest and to Maxi Clean for the prize!... More »
Re: Any guesses as to why?     08/26/2015
@Chrisinkingwood:  My kids are both teachers (in two different ISDs) and their classes routinel... More »
Re: you cannot     08/26/2015
Booo, hissss   ;P... More »
Re: Ted Cruz coming to Kingwood     08/26/2015
I'll pass.... More »
Re: Schlumberger to Buy Cameron International     08/26/2015
@HotterThanYou:  Exactly correct.  They won't need duplication of departments.  T... More »
Re: omg!!! it happened     08/25/2015
Well, when the sh!t hit the fan, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had been lead to believe.... More »
Re: Pork Chops, Eggs and Biscuits? On the same plate?     08/25/2015
I've heard of pork chops with eggs and biscuits, but never had that combination.I usually have the s... More »
Re: Honest Mistake     08/25/2015
@BooBear:  Well, they're female so maybe he's being a sexist?!?  My guess is that they... More »
Re: Honest Mistake     08/25/2015
I guess we'll have to make an addition to the book....... More »
Re: Honest Mistake     08/25/2015
@Ray:  Ooooo, you're gonna die and go to hell..... but, will you have 72 virgins waiting for you?!?... More »
Re: Stoners Nightmare Thread     08/25/2015
@donnatella:  If you've ever been with someone that is completely stoned or drunk, it's like th... More »
Re: PSA for ???     08/25/2015
@donnatella: Cut him some slack.  It's not like he's getting paid to sit around and read KDC...... More »
Re: Stoners Nightmare Thread     08/25/2015
I've had a lot of fun with drunk and stoned friends over the years!  ... More »
Re: And Then There Is This     08/25/2015
... More »
Re: And Then There Is This     08/25/2015
A perfect example of centripetal force.... More »


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