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Re: For Her Pleasure     09/02/2015
@donnatella:  But that cucumber has so many little prickly things.  I can't imagine that being... More »
Re: For Her Pleasure     09/02/2015
I wonder how he would label cucumbers... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner!     09/02/2015
@lola:  Congratulations!... More »
Re: Is there a proctologist in the house?     09/02/2015
My anus getting beaten on. My anus is flattened out. There is a cut on my anus.My anus is in a bit o... More »
Re: Shopping carts in parking lot     09/02/2015
@BooBear and @donnatella, I think you are missing an excellent source for your ball-selling scheme..... More »
Re: Slow-Cooker Osso Buco Recipes?     09/02/2015
I love a good Osso Bucco, but have never cooked it.... More »
Re: Cell Phone ?     09/02/2015
On my trip to Colorado, my friend has AT&T and rarely lost coverage.  I was very disappointed t... More »
Re: Cell Phone ?     09/02/2015
We use Sprint and it has good coverage.  Much better after they added a tower and upgraded others.... More »
Re: Shopping carts in parking lot     09/02/2015
I haven't read this thread and can't believe it's 8 pages long!  People get riled up over shopp... More »
Re: Surprising Book Facts     09/02/2015
I used to have two buddies that were also avid readers.  We used to trade books all the time.@Burns... More »
Re: Surprising Book Facts     09/02/2015
I can believe those stats.I periodically found time during college to read short books, usually scie... More »
Re: Temperature question     09/02/2015
76 during the day with ceiling fans.  At night, the downstarirs A/C gets bumped up to 78 but we tur... More »
Re: The Pope     09/02/2015
I'm not Catholic, but I was starting to like this Pope..... until he called for a single world gover... More »
Re: Furnace temp in winter     09/02/2015
We set our A/C at 76 and our heater at 68 during the day, 65 or lower at night.... More »
Re: Heart Attack     09/01/2015
Cool story.  Like a cop, it takes a special kind of person to be a fireman.In the last 1-2 years of... More »
Re: Roast a Member, Part III     09/01/2015
@FoFa: That was the beginning of Alaska's bridge to nowhere. ... More »
Re: New Study Released     09/01/2015
I would think the MOST obvious study would be if men like sex anytime, anywhere!... More »
Re: Unclaimed Money (Property)     09/01/2015
Nothing for me.... More »
Re: Hooray for the cheap off brand gallon bucket....     09/01/2015
We like the Kroger Select ice creams, but the HEB Creamy Creations is right there with it.... More »
Re: Who is @KingwoodDotCom?     09/01/2015
@donnatella:   Perv! (the good kind) ... More »


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