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NuRecka's Gumbo and Grits in Humble     09/20/2016
Has anyone been there, yet?  If so, how was the food?... More »
Re: Some idiot hit a deer     09/20/2016
The driver that hit the deer is not necessarily an idiot.  I've come close to hitting three dee... More »
Re: Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt     09/20/2016
@sweetie:  That's what Deb told her step-mom after Deb's father cheated on her.  Step-mom was ... More »
Re: George H.W. Bush to vote for Clinton     09/20/2016
I will be so glad when this election is over.  Then we'll be able to just hate the winner (and all ... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner     09/20/2016
@donnatella:  Congrats, ya perv!Thanks to KDC and College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving Service!... More »
Re: Race relations     09/20/2016
@ProblemAgain:  I've worked for more than my share!  I think the worriers and fretters were al... More »
Re: Race relations     09/19/2016
I think this applies to many things, including race relations.... More »
Re: Race relations     09/19/2016
And right here in Texas (Dallas County), an idiot thinks he knows the "laws" and gives a policeman l... More »
Re: Race relations     09/19/2016
I ran across another video in which a black woman "goes off" on a white man for saying "hello" to he... More »
Re: My election opinion     09/19/2016
@coco1248: I am also bitter at how our politicians act and spend our money.  They don't care ab... More »
Re: Home burglary resulted in thief being shot ?     09/19/2016
@TexasOma:  Thanks for posting that!  Not Kingwood, but close enough.  That burglar got 5 rou... More »
Re: Corey Feldman on the today show. Warning...this cant be unseen     09/19/2016
@ZMAN:  You lasted 20 seconds longer than me.  I only watched that much because I thought at f... More »
Re: My election opinion     09/19/2016
@coco1248: That is the choice of the people.  I have no hope that Johnson will win, but as long... More »
Re: Does Anyone Ever Win the Box Game?     09/19/2016
That post gave me a credit!  Of course, when I played, I got five Xs.... More »
Re: Does Anyone Ever Win the Box Game?     09/19/2016
I used to win often enough to keep it interesting.  I haven't won in a while and I rarely get credi... More »
Whatever...     09/18/2016
.....floats your boat or grabs your attention.  For example:It's amazing that our ancestors sur... More »
Re: Pet waste removal     09/18/2016
I've got three dogs.  I let nature, and the lawn guy's mower, take care of the poop.  They use a m... More »
Re: My election opinion     09/18/2016
@friday1:  True, but I cannot bring myself to vote for Hillary or Trump.  For me, it's either ... More »
Re: My election opinion     09/18/2016
You are forgetting the 1-2% that will vote for a third party, which I likely will be part of this ye... More »

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