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Re: Black Friday News     11/13/2015
I have never participated in the insanity of Black Friday and never will. ... More »
Re: Really Sick News of the day (People Suck)     11/13/2015
Whoever did that should be beaten to death as punishment.... More »
Re: A porn sniffing dog     11/12/2015
@elguapo:  Heck, I'll go to @BooBear's house and sniff her porn myself! ... More »
Re: 22 Worst Carbs     11/12/2015
@RogueHippEE:  Sugar IS the carbs in coffee drinks.  In beer, it's some residual grain product... More »
Re: 22 Worst Carbs     11/12/2015
There were no surprises on that list.  Mainly sugary and starchy foods.... More »
Re: A porn sniffing dog     11/12/2015
@TheTruthHurts:   Correct.  The dogs only sniff out things like SD cards, thumb drives, and ot... More »
Re: sod installation     11/12/2015
St Augustine is the primary grass for this region.  I highly recommend having a lawn sprinkler syst... More »
Re: Out of curiosity, where are you from?     11/12/2015
Born in Baton Rouge, LA in 1955Grew up in rural area outside of Baker, LA (just north of BR)Went to ... More »
Re: Water Heater Possible Fix     11/12/2015
The heat sensor is actually a thermocouple (as mentioned above).  The thermocouple is a safety feat... More »
Re: Randle Reed Ford     11/12/2015
I bought one car from them and was not impressed.  Randle Reed and his wife showed up (it was Randl... More »
Re: Update on Duke     11/12/2015
Here are some pics of Duke.  It's hard to get him in focus because he is in a playful mood.1.  Duk... More »
Re: Update on Duke     11/12/2015
@Bearfin: If we go to pet/rub Duke on the head, he also flinches a bit, but when he realizes tha... More »
Re: Update on Duke     11/12/2015
@Annie:   Both!  :smile: ... More »
Re: Update on Duke     11/12/2015
@Annie:   Both!  :smile: ... More »
Re: HUGE thunderstorm headed this way!     11/11/2015
We got a heavy rain for about 20 minutes but didn't hear any thunder.... More »
Update on Duke     11/11/2015
Duke is the yellow Lab we adopted through Twyla's Friends back in August.  He is such a big, lovabl... More »
Re: Who's messing with my COC?     11/11/2015
@BooBear:  We should have known. ... More »
Re: For those of you still willing to go to Starbucks     11/11/2015
Damn her soul, for using a white non-insulting white cup!!!... More »
Re: Thoughts for my wife     11/11/2015
@ProblemAgain:  You know we agreed not to show this picture to anyone!!  I won't say in what o... More »


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