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Re: DO ya ever look at your spouse when she is talkin to ya     11/24/2015
I can be at my PC with headphones on listening to music and typing away.  My wife stands at the... More »
Wow, just wow!     11/23/2015
I stumbled across a picture of a real chastity belt from Medieval times.  I have heard of them but ... More »
Re: Go look at the sky     11/23/2015
It's an invasion!  ... More »
Some things that should have had more thought     11/23/2015
Not a good pattern for stairs... More »
Re: open carry     11/23/2015
I haven't seen the actual law but I'm sure there is some wording that allows businesses to choose no... More »
Re: For How much $$ would you give up TV for a year?     11/23/2015
It wouldn't take much.  There are only a few shows that I watch and I DVR them so I can skip throug... More »
Re: open carry     11/23/2015
@foxymama:  I suspect that they will be very nervous until they get used to it.  I actually fe... More »
Re: open carry     11/23/2015
I do not plan to open carry for several reasons.  However, it will be nice that the law is there if... More »
Re: Time to readjust all the air vents in our house     11/23/2015
@Yankeerose:  In the summer, you want the air to blow down directly on you.  During th... More »
Re: Certified Plumber Recommendations     11/23/2015
I just used Lescon to replace two gas water heaters in the attic.  They did a good job and were rea... More »
Re: Kids are STUPID!!!     11/23/2015
@BooBear:  From this, I'm assuming that they either went around egging people's cars or splashi... More »
Re: I need a hand.....     11/23/2015
@Ray:  Did you recently add another device to your network?  My wireless printer was working fine ... More »
Re: The USPS Strikes Again     11/23/2015
As much as I dislike the USPS, I'm going to take this story as a "feel good" story and believe someo... More »
Re: I realy need to go shooting more often.     11/23/2015
The American Shooting Center off Westheimer on the west side of town has 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, an... More »
Re: I need a hand.....     11/23/2015
I've never run into this, but maybe @FoFa can give you some advice.... More »
Re: Ordering a spiral ham....... where???     11/23/2015
Quite a few years ago, I thought I'd treat my parents and had a spiral slice honey baked ham sent to... More »
Re: Kids are STUPID!!!     11/23/2015
@BooBear:  Expose yourself to me, then I will describe it to your kids in great detail!  ;P ... More »
Re: Kids are STUPID!!!     11/23/2015
@BooBear:  Details!  We need details!Our two are lucky they made it past that stage.  Our son... More »
Re: Touching base     11/22/2015
I hope you continue to feel better!... More »
Re: Has anyone done comparison shopping for beds/mattresses?     11/22/2015
I read that mattresses have a 400-500% markup, so there is a lot of room to negotiate.   Most peopl... More »


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