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Re:     06/02/2016
... More »
Re:     06/02/2016
Of course, this is in a Walmart!... More »
Re:     06/02/2016
... More »
Re:     06/02/2016
... More »
Re: What would you do if husband called you a "whore?"     06/02/2016
I want to be a man-whore (gigolo), but I can't get any takers.   :sad:... More »
Re: power keeps flickering in SWH!     06/02/2016
My UPS units loudly click when they turn on or off.  We had some very brief outages yesterday and t... More »
Re: Thunderstorm happening     06/02/2016
It's moving NNE, so hopefully that "tail" of storms will pass to the east of us.... More »
Re:     06/02/2016
@staylifted:  I'm OK with people, but no one should do that to a car! ... More »
Re:     06/02/2016
@FoFa:  That's how I feel some days! ... More »
Re: Breast Feeding in Public     06/02/2016
I like to see a mother breast feeding in public.  It's natural and better for the baby.  It's a be... More »
Re: TV question     06/02/2016
@Maisey1:  Wow!  You're right.  I don't think a surge protector would have helped in that cas... More »
Re: TV question     06/02/2016
BTW, when we lived in Laplace, LA,  lightning hit the cable TV box in the corner of our back ya... More »
Re: TV question     06/02/2016
@Fallon:  I also have a whole house surge protector, but I also use the power strips with surge... More »
Re: One Half Second Before Total Failure     06/02/2016
@FoFa:  Great thread!  We can laugh because it's not us!... More »
Re: Televangelist Jan Crouch, the lady with really big hair is gone.     06/02/2016
@donnatella:  Not only scary, but very stupid!  Are televangelists supposed to live forever as... More »
Re: Pei Wei Mongolian Beef     06/01/2016
I'd guess that the very popular dish, General Tsao's Chicken (many variations in spelling) has at le... More »
Re: A friendly PSA     06/01/2016
#1and #4 are my favorites!... More »
Re: the coil we have specs     06/01/2016
The coil shown seems to be a good fit for the pen that is inserted in it.... More »
Re: And you think it's the teachers fault     06/01/2016
Out of roughly 400 of my high school classmates, only about 1/3 went to college.  Our area was very... More »
Re: Televangelist Jan Crouch, the lady with really big hair is gone.     06/01/2016
@TexasOma: I am not religious, but I have the utmost respect for Billy Graham.  He lives comfor... More »

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