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Re: Kids are STUPID!!!     11/23/2015
@BooBear:  Expose yourself to me, then I will describe it to your kids in great detail!  ;P ... More »
Re: Kids are STUPID!!!     11/23/2015
@BooBear:  Details!  We need details!Our two are lucky they made it past that stage.  Our son... More »
Re: Touching base     11/22/2015
I hope you continue to feel better!... More »
Re: Has anyone done comparison shopping for beds/mattresses?     11/22/2015
I read that mattresses have a 400-500% markup, so there is a lot of room to negotiate.   Most peopl... More »
Re: If you could have one thing...     11/22/2015
The 80s were a great decade for us.  I didn't have high blood pressure or diabetes.  Both of our c... More »
Re: Homesick     11/22/2015
I had a friend that worked in Traverse City, Michigan.  He would call me during the summer to let m... More »
Re: I realy need to go shooting more often.     11/22/2015
Me too!  I've also put a new trigger and butt-stock on my AR15 that I'm anxious to try!... More »
Re: Sprinkler repair     11/21/2015
@RatFink:   Can you post his phone number?  I've heard of him but didn't know how to reach hi... More »
Re: Why would someone need...     11/21/2015
@tatertot58:  I love fruitcake! ... More »
Re: Hunan Garden     11/21/2015
We like Hunan Gardens.  However, last week we just ordered some soup for take home and neither of t... More »
Re: Do you experiment with new dishes at Thanksgiving?     11/21/2015
@RogueHippEE:   I made our own cranberry sauce about 10 years ago and my wife and kids ask for... More »
Re: James Taylor     11/21/2015
Love his music!... More »
Re: Do you experiment with new dishes at Thanksgiving?     11/21/2015
@FoFa:  I don't think I've ever had creamed onions but that sounds delicious.  Do you have a r... More »
Re: Do you experiment with new dishes at Thanksgiving?     11/21/2015
We have a pretty regular menu that has become traditional for our family.  It's also our tradition ... More »
Re: Would you try this soup?     11/21/2015
@donnatella:  The first time I tried miso soup, I thought it tasted like dirty dish water.  I'... More »
Re: Poker     11/21/2015
@thetarget9:   I tried to do that when we lived in LaPlace and had the same issue.  I had also... More »
Re: Anticipation     11/21/2015
@allymansfield:  That's a great idea, but my garage is full of tools, saws, and other equipment... More »
Re: ISIS Jihadist converts to Christianity, after seeing Jesus in his dreams     11/21/2015
@sooner34:   Then I want to immerse myself in evil!  ... More »
Re: Feral Hogs In Kingwood     11/20/2015
@tatertot58:  One of the problems is that hogs will swim out to the islands when pressured in d... More »

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