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Re: Just Some Crazy Sh... Stuff     07/27/2016
@FoFa:  The best ending for that video should have been a really hard back-hand from his mother... More »
Re: Cutting Carbs     07/27/2016
Love it! In reality, cutting carbs for insulin-dependent diabetics is important. I've cut my insuli... More »
Re: Stupid question: Big or Little?     07/27/2016
I rarely use my cell phone to browse the internet.  My Samsung Galaxy S3 is almost too big.  It ba... More »
Re: Adults Using the Word Bully     07/27/2016
@podunk:  You're safe.... unless you come at me to do physical harm, or you're putzing around i... More »
Re: Adults Using the Word Bully     07/26/2016
@beastmode: In adults, it's often the bully himself that is the first to call another adult a "b... More »
Re: Century Link vs Suddenlink     07/26/2016
I agree with @ET's comment.  I had nothing but trouble with Century Link and switched to Suddenli... More »
Re: Need new cell provider - Done with Verizon     07/26/2016
We've stayed with Sprint for about 20 years and have been pretty happy with them.  We still have ou... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner     07/26/2016
Congratulations!... More »
Re: Thank you baby jesus for ac repair guys     07/26/2016
In the house I grew up in, there was an attic fan that pulled air in from the outside and blew it in... More »
Re: A bit of history     07/25/2016
@ET:  Nah, if it were one of @donnatella's meetups, there would be lots of wine or moonshine on... More »
A bit of history     07/25/2016
During WWII, we all know women filled many jobs that were previously held by men.  This link shows ... More »
Re: ahh, electric bill     07/25/2016
I get a weekly summary of my electricity usage, so I have an idea what to expect.  The bills for Ju... More »
Re: Thank you baby jesus for ac repair guys     07/25/2016
@Fallon:   Don't forget to gently wash/rinse the coils of the outside condensor as well every m... More »
Re: Bernie Booed at Convention     07/25/2016
I've never seen an election where it is a choice between two major EVILS!!... More »
Re: Should've stayed in the car...     07/25/2016
@sooner34:  Couldn't go to the link on my tablet, so I added a "return" at the end of your link... More »
Re: Bathroom sink faucets     07/25/2016
@ET:   Thanks???  :doh: ... More »
Re: Bernie Booed at Convention     07/25/2016
@BooBear and @beastmode:  Wooo Hooo!  Boobies and yoga butts!!  Better than political talk an... More »
Re: Bathroom sink faucets     07/25/2016
@ET: We started out with a few needed immediate repairs with CAM Contracting.  They do good wor... More »
Re: Lake Houston Thieves     07/25/2016
@Steven H:  There is always rock salt as well.  It barely breaks the skin but it burns until i... More »
Re: Wikileaks and Sanders     07/25/2016
@rocket:  Good points. I don't doubt that the RNC emails contain efforts to deny Trump the nomi... More »

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