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Re: Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant     03/06/2016
Wow!  Judge Jeanine on Fox News really blasted not only Romney but the RNC Elite!  I loved this ev... More »
Re: Danielle Jones     03/06/2016
Sorry for your cousin.  I hope she comes out of the coma and recovers quickly.  Hopefully, she wil... More »
Re: Prediction Game     03/06/2016
@BBQguy:  TrueThe next person is a horny female. ... More »
Re: 1944 Ross Sisters     03/05/2016
I must confess.... I had some very naughty thoughts watching that video!... More »
Re: ahhhh that's good coffee     03/05/2016
@Yankeerose:  I have a good friend that lived in Traverse City, MI for several years.  He real... More »
Re: VP?     03/05/2016
@donnatella:   :puke: to both of those!   ;PWhen Christie endorsed Trump, he had that 1,000 ... More »
Re: VP?     03/05/2016
@rugburn: Sorry.  You'll have to spell it out for me.  I don't pay much attention to people's ... More »
Re: PM's Received About My Posting Scriptures...     03/05/2016
@TheTruthHurts:  I've been called that, and worse!  ;P ... More »
Re: Killing out of fear is wrong     03/05/2016
@thetarget9:  My grandpa told me the same thing.  I think it's a requirement for grandparents ... More »
Mordecai     03/05/2016
My wife and I were bored last night so we decided to watch the movie "Mordecai" with Johnny Depp.  ... More »
Re: Killing out of fear is wrong     03/05/2016
They are not very common here, but I have spotted a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake in my yard.  It... More »
Re: VP?     03/05/2016
Nominees don't like to pick former presidential opponents as VP.  There was too much animosity betw... More »
Re: Killing out of fear is wrong     03/05/2016
@mutton:  Use the bottom edge of the shovel to chop it up and then bury it.   Beware that the ... More »
Re: Pond at Entrance to Kingwood     03/05/2016
Those ponds are actually very shallow.  I don't think a car could completely submerge in them unles... More »
Re: Killing out of fear is wrong     03/05/2016
Beware that the shades of colors for both copperheads and moccasins vary.  Many cooperheads are s... More »
Re: Killing out of fear is wrong     03/05/2016
Our dog Finn loves to play with lizards.  A few days ago, we noticed that he was playing with a sna... More »
Dang insomnia and indigestion     03/05/2016
Went to bed around midnight but couldn't sleep due to a combination of insomnia and indigestion.  T... More »
Re: Crazy prediction     03/05/2016
@FoFa:  If Hillary is indicted before the election, she can still run until convicted.  If she... More »
Re: Crazy prediction     03/05/2016
@Burnsway:  Oh, hell no!   The 22nd Amendment does not allow Obama to serve a thi... More »

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